Hope everyone had a fun Easter – and can handle the perpetual sugar high that will no doubt last all week. Ahem.

Back to school for the kids today (under much protest, naturally). Spring break always seems to fly by too fast – the hubby, on the other hand, starts his two week Spring Break today. 

Shhhh! Don’t tell the kids, but we plan to have some adult fun without them while they’re in school. Wait, what are you  thinking? Yard work, right? I thought so. I’ll never tell.

Since it’s Monday, you know Monday is so much better with music. Every day is better with music, but Monday even more so. Trust me on that. This week’s theme is a freebie, so you know ‘freebie’ really means ‘eclectic’, right? 

Let’s start off with one of my favorite trios – one of the artists described this pulsating rocker as the most honest song from their newest album. He was quoted as saying:

“We’re all married. True love is ups and downs. You hit, you miss. You’re fire and ice. But at the end of the day we’re not going anywhere. We feel that way in our personal lives and as a band. We’re going to have our ups and downs. We’ve been through a lot. We just have this long stretch of love. This long view of the group.”


Give a listen to Lady Antebellum with “Long Stretch Of Love”:


Next up is a favorite artist who said this particular song is one of the sexiest songs he’s ever recorded. He’s said that it sounds like something that came from a different time.

It’s about one of those nights where you drink too much and you’re going to end up hooking up with this person, it’s inevitable. It’s not too over the top, but it’s pure sex.


Fun Fact: The song’s music video was filmed at Miranda Lambert’s bed and breakfast, The Ladysmith, in the couple’s adopted hometown of Tishomingo, Oklahoma.

Here’s the inimitable Blake Shelton with “Sangria”:

Since today is Opening Day for Baseball, I thought it only fair that I include this next song that happens to be from this artist’s first solo album that came after he took a nine-year hiatus after parting ways with Creedence Clearwater Revival.

The album combines two of this artist’s favorite passions – baseball and rock & roll. He drew his inspiration from center field at Yankee Stadium. When he was growing up on the West Coast, there was no Major League Baseball team to root for, and the closest thing his area had to a team was the New York Yankees which had San Francisco native Joe DiMaggio on their team.

The song was also inspired by his frustration watching a struggling team on TV, where he would imagine himself to be a rookie sitting on a bench, yelling “Put me in coach, put me in!”

U.S. rock singer John Fogerty performs d

Fun Fact: Along with “Talkin’ Baseball”  and “Take Me Out To The Ballgame,”  this quickly became one of the most popular baseball songs ever. It’s a fixture at ballparks between innings of games and plays continuously at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.

Without further ado, here’s John Fogerty with “Centerfield”:


Last but not least, and continuing with the baseball reference, this song was released in May 2006 as the first single from this artist’s album of that year. 

The song uses a typical baseball batting practice to set up a woman’s night at a tavern, and several men’s attempts to pick her up. The first man uses cheap pick-up lines; strike one. The second asks what her sign is; strike two. The third lies about his background (claiming he attended Harvard University as a pre-med major) and reaches first, but then tells her he quit because it was too hard. Strike three.

The team can’t get one batter to hit against the pitcher, who is a self-centered egomaniac and thinks he is God’s gift to women. The crowd of fans starts to leave when the groundskeeper steps up to the plate and asks for a pitch. The pitcher is more than happy to oblige, as he had just managed to strike out the whole team.

The groundskeeper is successful hitting a home run on a fastball and runs the bases, all the time making fun of the pitch. When crossing home, the girl jumps into his arms.


Guaranteed to put a smile on your face, here’s Trace Adkins with “Swing”:

That’s a wrap for this week – have a great week!


Now on to the particulars of Monday’s Music Move’s Me:


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