Princess Nagger was (finally) rummaging through some of her unpacked boxes and ran across a nice supply of Sculpey clay in various colors. She immediately got busy creating some dragons. She was quite proud of how they turned out (as she should be).

The first one was very elaborate, she created feathers for the wings individually and made the markings with a toothpick (I thought she had some sort of mold or press or something since they turned out so perfect, but they were made meticulously by hand):





The second one she did she decided to make a dragon specifically to ‘protect’ a cool crystal we’d picked up in one of our many road trips:




She had discovered that this particular batch of Sculpey was not the bake version – it’s made with a wax base to keep it from ever drying out, so I ordered a couple of baseball acrylic display cases since they were the perfect size for these dragons, so they can be preserved forever.

Turned out especially cool for the crystal one, with the crystal setting into the baseball hole perfectly:


The hubby was so impressed with her creations, he asked her to make a dragon for his crystal geode thingy he had displayed on his desk. She decided to make one to go inside the crystal instead of outside, because of the design of the crystal:


A teeny tiny little dragon hiding inside the crystal – every minute detail is as perfect as the larger ones, down to the texture of the feather tail (which I had trouble getting a close up of, but maybe if you squint you can see it):


Her artistic talent never ceases to amaze me, from her intricate drawings to her cool sculptures. Good thing she’s signed up for art class next year in Jr. High.

The hubby went out and bought her a boatload of bake-able Sculpey, so stay tuned for more amazing creations!



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