Well looky here! It’s St. Patrick’s Day! I did make sure to get the kids some green shirts to wear today – I remember having to avoid the pinching when I was a kid from my classmates if I didn’t wear green. I thought about making corned beef and cabbage for dinner tonight, but totally forgot to get the ingredients for it, so I’ll just have to wing it and figure out something else. 

We’ve had some amazing weather, with the exception of the windy rainy weekend we were inundated with this weekend. There must have been some major problems with Xfinity, since our service went out sometime Saturday night and the outage lasted the entire day on Sunday. So much for getting stuff done and getting caught up. 

It’s amazing how reliant we’ve become on technology and the internet – everything tends to grind to a halt when you’re disconnected. I’m not usually a phone person, but was wishing at least the phone was working so I could kill time catching up with friends and family I have been neglecting phone-wise.

Even my cell service was interrupted with no signal bars, and my data option was intermittent. It was like the dark ages. 

Luckily Princess Nagger and I had already planned a mother-daughter date for Sunday to go see the new Cinderella movie. We both loved it! And I love love LOVE her ball gown. 



I want one. I especially love how it floats when she twirls when dancing:


Her glass slippers are to die for, too – though because I’m such a klutz, no doubt I’d be tripping on my face wearing them, or shattering them the first dance out:



I was totally born in the wrong era. I’d love to go to a royal ball in a floaty dress and dance with a prince.

Well OK, maybe what I should say is I was born in the wrong fairy tale.

It’s time once again for Rory Bore’s Tuesday Chat!

This week’s prompt or question is:

17 Again!  If you could be any age again, for one week, what age would you be?

Ooooh…that is a tough one. I honestly can’t think of any specific age I’d like to be again. Though I have often said (and the hubby will back me up on this) that I would love to turn the clock back 20 years – have everything as it is right now, but 20 years earlier. 

You know, so I could enjoy where I’m at and what I have for an extra 20 years.

How about you? Any age you’d love to turn the clock back to, even for just a week?


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  1. I really think I would like to see the new Cinderella. And I know I’d love to wear those beautiful gowns! Happy St. Patty’s Day! (P. S. No Coffee Chat for a while, I guess.)
    Forgetfulone would like you to read ..Random TuesdayMy Profile

  2. I wish more people in this house would eat corned beef (just me, so I have a reuben!) I just read something about the corset poor Cinderella had to wear for the movie! (I think I was better off thinking the photo was cgi’d)
    andrea would like you to read ..A wee bit o’ the randomMy Profile

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