Rumor has it that the groundhog saw his shadow and predicted another 6 weeks of winter (don’t get me started on that whole conspiracy theory, since there were 6 weeks of winter left on the calendar anyway).

Mother Nature, no doubt in cahoots with the groundhog, has been particularly bitchy to my friends in the Midwest and Northeast with an overabundance of freezing cold weather and snow.

In spite of the official first day of spring still a little over 3 weeks away, we here in the Pacific Northwest seem to be enjoying a bit of early spring, as evidenced by the balmy weather we’ve been experiencing, which has awakened some of the foliage – especially the cherry blossoms suddenly beginning to burst forth:




If any of my friends still in a deep freeze are needing a change of scenery, feel free to come to where spring is apparently springing in the place known for the bluest skies.

How’s the weather in your neck of the woods?



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  1. Even though our plums and citrus are in full bloom, the apricots are just beginning to blossom, our cherries are still not blooming. We were thinking of cutting down the cherry trees since we have never been able to taste even one of our cherries. The birds eat those before they are ever ripe and leave the pits having on the trees.

    Because of all the rain that we have been getting this year, we found ten apricot trees that came up from seed. Most likely due to ground squirrel activity. We have three of those planted in the new hill we are building for our water tank, and the rest are all potted until we figure out where to place them. Apricots do good out here. Perhaps they’ll go where the cherry trees are.
    Danielle Royalegacy would like you to read ..Wordless Wednesday with Linky – Blossoms and Butterflies – February 24, 2015My Profile

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