Monday has once again arrived, much to our chagrin. If you’re on the East Coast and watched the Super Bowl yesterday, I bet you’re wishing you had the day off, don’t you? They really should consider having the game at least be a midday game rather than a late afternoon game so it’s not so stinkin’ late for our East Coast friends. 

Since I’m writing this post in advance (you know, yesterday), and have it scheduled to post at 8pm Pacific time, I might not yet be home from joining friends to watch the game, since it probably just ended a half hour or so ago, barring any unforeseen malfunctions or ball deflation’s. You know I had to go there. I really did.

I may or may not come back in and edit this either in celebratory mode or otherwise, depending on the outcome of the game itself – you all know I’m rooting for the Seahawks, so fingers crossed….

This week’s theme was chosen by our own Becca of Everyday Life – she’s asked us to post Duets. What a fun theme – I had a lot of fun sifting through many awesome duets to whittle it down to a few favorites. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Let’s start things off with a song that was the only single released from his sixth album – he teamed up with a fellow A-lister on this raucous number about getting a guitar, donning torn-up jeans, coming up with a cool name and starting a band.

Their voices work well together, and of course their musicianship is phenomenal – especially towards the end where they trade off awesome guitar licks.


Give a listen to Brad Paisley and Keith Urban with “Start A Band”:

Next up is a duo who individually are favorites of mine, and together? Magic! They have been trying to work out a chance to sing together on an album for years, but their schedules just never seemed to mesh.

Even though this song originally was written as a guy/girl duet, they both thought it was perfect for their collaboration. They first performed it at the Billboard Music Awards, performed it again for the CMT Music Awards. 

Apparently one of the duo was a bit ‘freaked out’ about doing the duet, wondering what she’d gotten herself into because some of the notes, according to her, “are huge”. Once they got into the song, however, all her fears were vanquished.

Give it up for Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert with “Somethin’ Bad”:

Next up is a song that the lyrics reflect on the original lead singer’s own personal passion for his community and New Jersey roots. This particular duet of the song was originally planned as a duet with the lead singer and Keith Urban (who was also going to play a banjo during the song). 

But the artist decided that Keith Urban’s voice was too similar to his own, so he asked his record company to recommend a female duet partner instead. Their recommendation was a good one, as you’ll see.

The video features Habitat for Humanity volunteers, including members of the Philadelphia Soul Arena Football League team (owned in part by the lead singer), building homes for low-income families and was used to promote the organization. It also received an award for Best Collaborative Video at the CMT Music Awards in 2006. 


Here’s Bon Jovi with Jennifer Nettles with “Who Says You Can’t Go Home”:

Last but not least is a popular song that was kicked up a notch, thanks to a special performance at the Country Music Awards back in November. One of my favorite country stars joined a favorite pop artist singing the latter’s popular song. The two together are double the infectious awesomeness, their voices synced perfectly together.

After their performance, host Brad Paisley ambushed the pop star while she was seated in the audience and tried to woo her to switch to country music, informing her she’d just have to change her signature tune to “All About That Bass” (pronounced like the fish). He also gifted her with a fresh pair of jean cut-offs for good measure. I love that guy.


Get up and dance to Meghan Trainor and Miranda Lambert with “All About That Bass”:

That’s a wrap for this week – enjoy your Monday!


Now on to the particulars of Monday’s Music Move’s Me:


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  1. First up, sorry the Seahawks lost to the Patriots. They played a fearless game and right up till the end I thought they were going to scoop up another Super Bowl victory, but we know what happened and it all turned out. I rooted for the Patriots and I’m happy Tom Brady got another Super Bowl under his belt, but I would not have been totally disappointed if Russell Wilson & the Seahawks won because I really like them!

    Okay, moving to the music. I like your duet choices, especially Bon Jovi & Jennifer Nettles in Who Says You Can’t Go Home. Keep the music flowing and have a tunetastic week, my friend! You totally rock!
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  2. Love All About That Bass! You have some great songs this week. So sad that the Seahawks couldn’t repeat this year. Was an interesting game. Loved the last catch the Seahawks made, it was spectacular!
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  3. Well, I was here earlier and I guess I didn’t leave a comment. Well shame on me, but I’m baaaaaaaaa ackkkk! Now somehow I knew you were going to put the gals up there, so I chose a different one with Carrie that’s pretty cool too! And somehow I knew you were going to put Miranda and the Bass together too. hahahahaha Love the others too my country gal friend! You’re rockin’ the house as usual… Thanks for the boot scootin boogie galfriend!!! HUGS AND see y’all next time!!!! eeeeee haaaaaaaaaa
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