Last week I featured Princess Nagger’s cat, Blackspot – which apparently made our Blue Merle Sheltie, Travis Tripplehorn Maxwell, a tad bit jealous. So I promised I’d feature him this week so he won’t be annoyed and bark extra just for spite:

That should make him happy. He’s a busybody and barks at everything that moves – and even things that don’t move. Go figure. He also usually has a needle-nose, but when he gets worked up, the end of his snout flares (like in the picture) – we refer to that as his bulbous nose.

But he’s a great cuddler, and excellent clean up crew whenever Princess Nagger or Little Dude happen to drop any food on the floor. Which happens more than I care to admit.

Are you a dog person, cat person or both? Have a great week!


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  1. If I got a dog, I think I’d like to own a Sheltie that has colors like a collie. They are such beautiful animals. Ahhh, I think this is the first time noticing your dog has three names, Travis Tripplehorn Maxwell. I was told once that dogs, maybe all animals in general learn their names best when composed of three or more syllables. I’m curious, do you call him by his full name? Of course, when my mother called me by my full name then it meant I was in trouble. I hope TTM doesn’t think he’s gonna get the newspaper every time he hears his name. lol Telling him the CAThy said, he’s a handsome feller. 😀 Happy #WW!
    Cathy Kennedy would like you to read ..Veterans Memorial Cemetery at Christmas #WWMy Profile

  2. I thought his nose looked a bit wide for a sheltie. Clad you explained that. I like both cats and dogs but am more of a cat person myself. Cute picture though.
    Abrianna would like you to read ..HoopMy Profile

  3. I have three Coton de Tulear’s. When I got them, they said they are like Lay’s Potato Chips, you just can’t have one. I think they would be better off as one. As a pack they love to party, but they are totally lovable, and usually pick just one person to adore in the family. They are great picker-uppers, too, under the table.
    Danielle Royalegacy would like you to read ..Tote Bag Giveaway Courtesy of – Win TEN Reusable Drawstring Tote Bags – ends 1/30/15 USMy Profile

  4. I misssed the kitty, but Travis is such a beautiful boy. No wonder he will get jealous if he’s not shared 🙂

    My chihuahua barks at anything and everything, and my other two? Well, they generally follow her lead, but they’re not nearly as bad! Happy WW!
    Kim would like you to read ..Capturing RandomMy Profile

  5. This is really getting depressing. I went over to your Mr. Winky’s magical widget and saw that I wasn’t registered anymore *like since 2011 & I registered again, and now it won’t even let me sign your linky. 🙁 I fixed your button on my WW too. You have such a beautiful dog, but my favorite picture is you with both dogs. I think PN may be a photographer one day! 🙂 Have a great day my friend. Sorry I can’t sign in, but if you will for me I’d appreciate. Thank you. 🙁 IT DOESN’T LIKE ME!!! WAHHHHHHHHH OH AND I’M DEFINITELY HUMAN… I just checked! Yep, I’m human alright no matter what Mr. Winky says!!!! 😛

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