Christmas is just 10 days away! TEN DAYS. I’m so not ready. But one thing that’s for sure, we won’t have to worry about clogged toilets no matter how many people we have over in the coming days.

Did you know… When you purchase Charmin, you can ensure your plumbing will stay clog-free even in the busiest of times? Music to my ears! Or would that be music to guests rears…

Charmin and ROTO-ROOTER, America’s largest provider of plumbing and drain services, have teamed up again this year to remind everyone of the clog-free and septic-safe guarantee that only comes with Charmin!

Since Little Dude is all boy, he loves playing in the toilet – and yes, I have caught him drinking from the toilet (I know, right?!) here’s proof:

LDToiletDrinkingBusted! And ewwww! But at least I had just cleaned the toilet with vinegar and baking soda, so no icky mode this time. Not only does he like to play with the water, he likes to fill up the toilet with toilet paper just to watch it go down. Boys.

Luckily for me (and him) ROTO-ROOTER plumbers recommend Charmin more than any other brand because of its flushability. Not only does Charmin have ROTO-ROOTER’S stamp of approval to be clog-free and septic-safe, but it is also used by plumbers more than any other brand!

I’m happy that since our new house is on a septic system vs. sewer, I can rest easy knowing Charmin will be kind to my system and not clog it up.

For more than 70 years, Charmin has been trusted in millions of American homes. I know Charmin has been around since I can remember, the hubby fondly remembers Mr. Whipple as the Charmin spokesperson from many years ago. I love the commercials with the cute bears, and think of them every time I see Charmin anywhere.

Charmin – seat down – is definitely our brand of choice – I usually get the Ultra Strong for the kids and guest bathrooms, and Ultra Soft for our master bath. Because I like soft. And it’s definitely strong enough to get the job done without having to use a lot of it in the process.

With past, present, and future parties happening, I’m making sure I keep Charmin on hand at all times. I won’t have to worry about running out at the wrong time, since you can use up to four times less toilet paper than any other brand.

And with the septic-safe and clog-free guarantee, I can rest easy and know there won’t be any clogging issues in the middle of a party…or any time, for that matter.

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What’s your favorite brand of toilet paper?