The only thing Princess Nagger regretted about leaving the state of Pennsylvania for Washington State was that it doesn’t snow very much here in Washington like it does in Pennsylvania. Not counting our last three years in PA, of course, since Murphy’s Law was in cahoots with Old Man Winter and taunted us with snow fall but never delivered.

Naturally Murphy decided the winter after we left it was time to bring back the snow there, and increase the rain here. Oh Murphy.

So when Princess Nagger awoke this past Saturday morning and saw snow falling, you probably heard her shriek of delight all the way to Pennsylvania. It wasn’t much, but snow in Western Washington is always a welcome sight if you’re like me and Princess Nagger:




We’re hoping this is a good sign and that we’ll get some good snow this year. I know, we’re crazy. But we are still dreaming of a White Christmas.

Do you like snow?



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  1. I’m not crazy about winter — it’s too cold and the sky is too grey! But snow on the trees and the lawns can be so beautiful. Last year we got way too much, though. We’ve already had some this year. Hopefully, it won’t be as much as last year. Thanks for hosting!
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  2. I like snow, as long as it doesn’t wreck things like making travel unsafe or impossible to get up our driveway. I’m perfectly content just to see it floating gracefully to the ground with only a dusting. No major production is needed to put a smile on my face. 😀 I suspect this winter is going to be a wicked one for all of us. Why? Because it’s been a long time in the making for winter to get a little crazy…especially in the south. Happy #WW!
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