Hello Monday. And the first day of the kids’ two-week Winter Break. Because you know calling it a Christmas Break would offend someone somewhere.

Here it is, just mere days from Christmas, and as if this moment I have exactly one present wrapped and under the tree. One.  And that’s only because it’s a rather large (and very heavy) package for the hubby. When it was delivered, to avoid having to lug it to a random hiding spot (the ‘heavy’ part), I wrapped it and put it next to the tree (since, as Princess Nagger pointed out, it’s not under  the tree because it’s too big).

Normally I like to have the purchase and wrapped mode all done by Thanksgiving, but you know about having best laid plans, right? Life gets in the way, leading to the last minute scramble. I am bound and determined, though, to get it all done and have a nice relaxing day on Christmas. Just wait and see.

Meanwhile, to help get you in the festive mood, we’re continuing on with the month of December’s theme of songs of Christmas. Let’s have some fun, shall we?

Let’s start off with a song from a recently released CD of Christmas songs sung by members of the cast of one of my favorite shows, Nashville. It’s amazing this group are not only phenomenal actors, but really can actually sing!


While Kelly Pickler’s version of Santa Baby is still my favorite, I think Clare Bowen gives an amazing performance.

Here’s Clara Bowen performing at the CMA Country Christmas with “Santa Baby”:


Next up is one of my favorite artists, who’s recorded great versions of various Christmas songs over the years, but this one happens to be my favorite, and often goes through my head – a lot – during this time of year.

Plus I like to annoy Princess Nagger by singing it to her at random times. In public.


Give a listen to Reba McEntire with “Up On The Housetop”:

Next up is a brand new song from this artist, from her Christmas album that turned into somewhat of a family affair as her daughters join her to sing at least one song with her on the album. Bet that was fun!

While all the songs on her album are well known traditional Christmas songs, this particular song (also the album title) is an original song by this artist – it’s lively and lovely and fun. I guarantee you’ll be dancing in your seat at the very least.


Give a listen to Sara Evans with “At Christmas”:

Next up is my favorite quartet whose rendition of this classic is amazing as expected. their four-part harmonies are flawless as usual, warm as a cup of cocoa next to a well-fed fireplace.


Get ready for the goosebumps as you listen to Little Big Town with “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”:


Last, but definitely without a doubt not least, is my all-time favorite country dude with what may be the only one-man Christmas duet ever recorded. Yes, you read that right – one man duet. 

So this artist, being all mega talented and whatnot, mixed a version of the song that was recorded in 1985 (when he was 13) when he performed on Jamboree with his current contemporary stylings to build this instant classic. I know, right?

This artist proves why he’s a favorite when he does stuff like this – and the fact that this particular song he wrote when he was just 13 years old also proves he was destined for greatness.

The sweetness of the teenage artist’s voice and self-written lyrics are what truly makes this song. It’s obvious from that early age not only with his clear beautiful voice, but with his early guitar talent as he begins the song that he, even then, was going to go far. And he has. And he’s just awesome all around.


Here’s my favorite dude, Brad Paisley, with “Born on Christmas Day”:

That’s a wrap for this week – have a great Monday and Merry Christmas to one and all!


Now on to the particulars of Monday’s Music Move’s Me:


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  1. You’ve really got the Christmas cheer goin’ girlfriend, and I especially like how you tease PN. I use to do the same to my kids. ~hehehe~ Don’t ya love it? Reba is one of my favorites too. Love all your picks and the Merriest of Christmases to you and yours my friend. I wish you nothing, but the very best!
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  2. Sometimes being politically correct can be so exhausting, ugh!

    You do know you’ve almost made me a country fan after visiting you blog this past year – and here we are at Christmas and I’m loving everyone you posted. Great picks and thanks for the dance. I think I’m going to be posting some of Brad Paisley’s songs next year, hahahaha. Merry Christmas!!
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  3. I love these choices. I especially love that you randomly sing Reba to annoy your daughter, That makes me giggle because I do the same thing! These country artists sure can sing these holiday tunes! I adore the Little Big Town version. I hope you have fun getting everything wrapped so you can sit back and relax and enjoy the holiday. Merry Christmas to you!
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