Had to post that song, you know, in case you hadn’t heard enough Christmas music by now and needed a reminder that TOMORROW IS CHRISTMAS EVE!!

And, you know, hopefully you’re ready. I am and I’m not. If that makes sense. I think (hope) I’ve finished all the shopping, and this afternoon I’ll (hopefully) finish up the wrapping. After all, our ginormous 10-1/2 foot tree really needed some balancing out by way of gifts stacked underneath. Just sayin’.  

At least I’ve made a good start:


Speaking of gifts… The hubby is funny – he counted the number of gifts I’d wrapped for him and placed under the tree, and he had to make sure he wrapped the same number of gifts to give me. I didn’t ask him to, mind you, so I think it’s sweet he wants to make sure I have the same number of gifts to open he does.

And of course that’s going to get thrown off a bit in that I have a couple of last minute gifts for him that will be delivered on Christmas Eve…but we won’t tell him about those. Maybe I’ll wrap those as Santa gifts for him.

Yes, I buy and wrap Santa gifts for both he and I (along with the kids, of course) – it’s a tradition I started when Princess Nagger was young, though there was one year I forgot to get us any Santa gifts and Princess Nagger thought we’d been bad that year.

I never forgot again.

Princess Nagger has figured out that I’m Santa, as every time she says she’d like such-and-such for Christmas and I tell her she better write Santa and ask, she’ll stop, put both hands on my shoulders, look me in the eye and say “Dear Santa…”

My cover is blown.

At least Little Dude is safely unaware. As far as I know. He is an expert eavesdropper and hears everything even when he’s up in his room. Maybe he works for the NSA and has us bugged. Little bugger.

Speaking of Santa… Princess Nagger and I couldn’t resist picking up this riding Santa at Target last week – Rolex doesn’t seem to be bothered to have that monkey on his back:



Next time I take pics I’ll have to be sure to put his reindeer antlers and bell collar on to complete the look. 

Speaking of completing a look…or something… One of the hubby and my guilty pleasures is watching Hell’s Kitchen (and Master Chef and Master Chef Jr). We were really happy when the winner of this season’s Hell’s Kitchen was La Tasha:


We liked her from the beginning – plus she didn’t mess up enough to end up on the chopping block, not even once, during the entire season. The other day Chef Gordon Ramsay posted a picture on his Facebook page saying he ran into her at Hell’s Kitchen recently:


Dude needs a haircut STAT. Is he trying to look taller? It’s distracting from the Hell’s Kitchen logo La Tasha had buzzed into the back of her hair. Just sayin’. 

That’s a wrap for this week – you know the drill, link up and join in the fun, everyone is welcome.



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  1. I love the Riding Santa on your dog! Adorable! The first year after my children didn’t believe in Santa was kinda sad, so at least you still have one. Love your tree!

  2. That man needs a lawn mower for his head! I just don’t like his meaness. Oh well, your home looks lovely and your beautiful piano just accents the hominess! Look at those beautiful dogs, oh Stacey, your home life is the epitome of American HOME SWEET HOME! I love your new place. You so deserve it. Gee, who’s that riding that puppy? I luv it! LOL Well, I stopped by to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas because as soon as I’m done with my coffee here I have to wrap, wrap, wrap and wrap! SHEESH… no wonder I have so much to wrap because I kept putting off this BIG HUGE JOB! DANG! 4 kids & their spouses, 11 grandkids (1 step-grandchild), and a great grandson, My husband’s sister & family (3 others), my wonderful Aunt Mitzi & my mail-lady… and my beautiful hubby & my puppy to wrap for!!! I’ll see you sometime in the Spring… that’s when I should be done. 🙁 Oh well… HO HO HO I already have my Christmas present from you the best present of all… and that is your “friendship” that I cherish so much! MERRY CHRISTMAS HO HO HO~
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