As you know, the pause button has never been found, and at this rate, I’m pretty sure it will never ever be found. This little cutie patootie:


Is now this cutie patootie:


Now that she’s 12 (I know, right??) she gets to experience all the fun of tween-going-on-teen-going-on-middle-age angst of breakouts.

I was lucky at that age, I never had terrible breakouts and even now only get one or two when my monthly visitor is calling. Hopefully Princess Nagger inherited my clear skin vs. the hubby’s who said he fought breakouts all the time when he was a teen.

Princess Nagger is a big tomboy, so incorporating a face washing routine was a challenge at best, but she decided she’d help me out. Her current best friend uses Clearasil daily to thwart breakouts, and was very appreciative when Princess Nagger gave her one of the Clearasil Daily Clear Hydra-Blast Oil Free Face Wash since she’d gotten two of those.


Princess Nagger thought the timing of receiving the products was fortuitous (OK, maybe she didn’t, but I did), as she had a couple of ‘problem areas’ crop up that she wanted to make sure disappeared as quickly as possible. Time for Clearasil!


First she tried the Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Gel Wash and was not a fan of the burning sensation on her skin, but luckily it didn’t give her any major redness, so that was good.

Ultra Rapid Action Daily Gel Wash

Clearasil Ultra® Rapid Action Daily Gel Wash is dermatologist tested and gives you visibly clearer skin in as little as 12 hours. It is scientifically formulated with maximum strength acne medication and starts working quickly to open blocked pores and help you get healthy looking skin. So you get visibly clearer skin fast.

She also complained the next day about a burning sensation on her skin when she used the Clearasil Daily Clear Hydra-Blast Oil Free Face Wash so I suggested she stop using them, and we’d check into the sensitive skin version instead. 

Hydra- Blast Oil-Free Face Wash

Clearasil® Daily Clear® Oil Free Daily Face Wash is dermatologist tested and helps reduce breakouts by up to 85% in just 4 weeks. The face wash is scientifically formulated with a moisturizing complex to leave your skin feeling soft and cared for. So you get clearer skin every day.

She decided a couple days later to try them again, because she did notice a difference in the breakouts as a whole – as in, less of them. So for her, being that it’s possible she might have sensitive skin (or she’s in her usual Drama Queen mode), she’s been using it every few days vs. every day with minimal complaint of burning skin.

She did, however, notice that her skin mostly cleared up and no new breakouts were evident. Winner:


If you have a tween or teen fighting the battle of breakouts, I recommend picking up some Clearasil for them. Stay connected and don’t miss any coupon opportunities by following Clearasil on both Twitter and Facebook.

Does your Tween or Teen battle breakouts?






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  1. My Teen boys do have break outs now and then and i’ve been giving them Clearskin (Avon) since well I do have that rep discount. So far they like the wipes the most. We also tried Oxy but it didn’t seem to be as nice.
    Mary would like you to read ..The 30th!My Profile

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