Maintaining hope and resolve during a health journey can be a daily struggle. CaringBridge provides the opportunity for a much deeper, more intimate level of communication, connecting people through the healing power of words.

CaringBridge was launched in 1997 so people – for any reason or length of time – could start a free website, remain connected to their family and friends and receive support when they need it most. As a nonprofit and early form of social media, CaringBridge has been instrumental for millions in navigating an emotional journey.


Starting a personal website through CaringBridge can help when people need to share important information quickly. As a lifeline to the outside world, CaringBridge can make all the difference when facing the loneliness of a hospital stay, enduring a long recovery at home or coordinating day-to-day, hands-on help. A CaringBridge website simplifies communicating with loved ones; messages of love, support and encouragement come flooding in, allowing the focus to be on healing.

CaringBridge serves as a rallying point when people need one most. I know I really appreciated when friends of mine were going through some rough times with breast cancer, and I relied heavily on CaringBridge to keep abreast of their situation (pun intended to lighten things up a bit) and loved being able to not only see the positive updates, as well as the massive love and support from friends all over, near and far.

Could someone in your life (family member, friend or neighbor) benefit from starting a CaringBridge website? Share this post with them and include a note of love, hope and compassion. Learn more at





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