It’s been nice being back in the Pacific Northwest and getting fully involved with all the 12th Man fun as rabid fans of the Seattle Seahawks. When we were living Pennsylvania, I’m  not sure why we weren’t rabid fans of Philly or Pittsburgh or even Maryland, since we were pretty much in a triangular area where we could have chosen any of those for our team spirit fandom.

Maybe it’s because I’ve always been a Seahawks girl at heart, because my roots were always firmly planted here after being born an raised here, no matter how long I was away from ‘home’. It’s good to be back.

Thankfully the entire family has embraced the rabid fan mode in support of the Seahawks, participating in ‘Blue Friday’ each Friday before the weekend game. We love our Seahawks, so when I had a chance to create my own custom apparel with custom t-shirts from, you can probably guess which direction I went in. Ahem.

What’s cool is they have a variety of choices for custom apparel – t-shirts, hoodies, fleece and more:

MyLockerCustom allows customers to design their own shirts, hoodies, golf polos, fleece, warm-up suits, bags, blankets, or almost any type of custom item in a quick, fun and easy way. The next time you want to customize anything – including your team spirit – is the place to go.

Celebrating a bachelorette party and want to look the part when you’re out on the town? MyLocker can have matching shirts at your door for the entire bridal party. I bet my sister-in-law’s friend who made our custom shirts for her bachelorette party would have appreciated MyLocker and saved herself hours of painstaking work!

Have a reunion coming up or want to keep your gang visible to each other in a crowded area? Custom t-shirts would be the perfect solution! Custom apparel is perfect for pretty much any special occasion, and there are no orders too small (or too big, for that matter). Many customizing companies require a minimum bulk order, but not! You can design one or 1000, your choice!

Since I don’t have a thousand family members, I went with four. The site is super easy to navigate, I selected ‘football’ as my interest, and went from there, designing a custom t-shirt for each of us. Like this one for me:


Princess Nagger picked this one out for herself:


And she picked this one out for the hubby:


Little Dude liked this one:


After I made the selections and picked the sizes (which are really easy to do), checked out and then waited. The shirts arrived fairly quickly and were better quality than I expected.

Though fair warning – see the colors from the screen shots? They’re not quite as vibrant in real life:


Those look like they’ve been washed a bazillion times and faded, right out of the shipping baggie. I don’t know if it’s a glitch in their system, since I did make sure I selected the darkest blue (Royal Blue), but got a lighter blue instead. Even the green is much lighter than what appears on their website.

But we still like the shirts anyway, and come this Blue Friday, we’ll all be wearing them!

Now that the weather is getting colder, I think I’m going to have to go back in and make some fleece or sweatshirt versions. I’ll let you know how those turn out!

MyLocker makes it possible to order your own custom apparel and custom accessories quickly and easily. They even ship product in as little as 48 hours, so if you happen to be a last-minute planner or procrastinator like me, no problem!

To find out more about personalizing your team spirit – or anything else for that matter – or make your own t-shirt, visit and feel free to connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Have you ever made any custom apparel for you or your family?






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