In case you were wondering, oral health is a top concern when it comes to the myriad of chompers in my family. I inherited soft teeth from my mom, so I’ve always been on high alert to make sure I take good care of my teeth, and Princess Nagger has been doomed to inherit soft teeth from me, and mega crooked teeth from the hubby. Poor kid. She has braces looming in her future.

To that end, I am constantly nagging her about making sure she takes ultra good care of her teeth – when we finally cross that point of no return when she’ll need to have those braces put on, she wants to make sure she’s already establish excellent oral habits.


She is not a fan of having her teeth pulled or drilled into – something she’s already had to experience too much of at her young age because of the soft teeth issue.

Again, poor kid.

Not too long ago I told you about the new products from Listerine to aid in that daily oral hygiene routine:


I’m happy to report we have continued to use these new products and make them a part of our daily routine – though I’m going to have to get a different Smart Rinse for Princess Nagger, since she’s not a fan of what she deemed as the ‘boy’ version, plus it’s a minty flavor and she is not a fan of minty stuff. They do have a bubble gum flavored version, so it’s on the list for this week’s shopping trip. All kids like bubble gum flavor. 

Both kids love the LISTERINE ULTRACLEAN ACCESS Flosser, I bought an extra one so they’d of course each have their own. I think they’ve flossed their teeth more in the past few weeks than they have in years. They don’t protest when it’s time to floss, because they’re not having to finagle a string on their fingers – having the floss at the end of a handle made all the difference in the world.

I’m personally still loving the LISTERINE HEALTHY WHITE mouthwash, since my coffee drinking and wine drinking can tend to interfere with keeping my teeth white, and not only does this help keep my pearly whites white, my breath is nice and fresh. I’m sure the hubby appreciates that I use it right before bed, too. Ahem.

I’ve always loved the LISTERINE POCKETPAKS – I like to keep them easily accessible everywhere, so I’ve got them tucked in pockets, in my purse and in my car. I even ended up getting an ultra multi-pack to make sure I never run out:


I know, I can be a little obsessive about some things. Who isn’t?

I’m often discussing with both kids the importance of oral health, and while I’m usually met with eye rolling from Princess Nagger, I’ve noticed she’s been doing a lot better at tackling her teeth brushing with a vengeance without having to be reminded constantly.

Little Dude is a soldier of schedules – he has to do everything in the exact same order every day, and doesn’t want to miss one thing – so teeth brushing is part of that ‘order’ on a daily basis, minimum twice a day. His diligence has paid off – no cavities!

Thanks to Listerine and their amazing (and convenient) products, they make my job easier by having products my kids actually like and will actually use willingly without me having to be a mean mom. 

So you don’t have to be a mean mom either, you can buy Listerine Products at many retailers – check to see where they’re sold here.

You can also check out LISTERINE’s website to find out what other cool stuff they have that can help you be a cool mom vs. mean mom, too.

And of course there’s the cool LISTERINE video series that can give you a little extra incentive to your kid – or even your overgrown kid husband. 

Remember – heroic habits begin at home, so why not get started now?