I’m looking forward to things slowing down a little after this week. Oh who am I kidding? Things won’t slow down until at least  January 2nd.

Guess I better just buckle up and enjoy the ride, right?

I’m doing something a little different this week since I’m up to my eyeballs in stuff, so Princess Nagger graciously agreed to let me share a rough draft essay she wrote last week for one of her classes. So basically my poster child is my guest poster this week. heh.

She chose to type out her essay rather than write it long hand (smart girl, especially since it’s only a rough draft!) so below is her essay unedited – all formatting as she did it is intact. Give her some love, she loves thinking she’s famous especially when she’s highlighted on my blog, so let’s give her a warm welcome, shall we?


Princess Nagger


Autumn essay 1st draft

Dear Mr. D,

I like a lot of things about fall. If you’d like to learn about them, go ahead and continue reading. If not, then that’s your fault because you’re the one who assigned this in the first place. Either way I’m going to start.

First of all, something I find really really neat about fall is all of the animals’ behaviors change a lot. Like Arctic Foxes. Near the end of fall they start to turn white which I find really cool since against the snow and ice they live in or near you can’t even see them very well. All you see is two eyes and a nose, it’s so cute! Foxes will also build dens in the cold snow. Under all of that snow is actually a warm place to raise babies!

Wolves and foxes alike have babies somewhere near the end of summer (I think, or maybe they’re born late spring and don’t actually grow that fast, I’m not sure) and during fall the pups learn how to hunt and fight so that the species can move on. Squirrels, sadly, don’t do any of this. They just get fat and sleep. But at least the squirrels in my backyard do it with style. I call it the “Great Nut Race” or something like that.

The squirrels race around up and down trees every time a bird drops a nut or seed or anything the squirrels would like to eat. However a lot of them just prefer to… sit and watch. I don’t blame them, running is exhausting! But no matter what, animals are definitely a part of what makes fall super fun (again, the squirrels are hilarious to watch!).

Another thing that I find absolutely awesome about fall is, well, Halloween. All the candy and goodies you get from running about in the darkness and banging your head into door windows make staying up late on this night worth it. I Love to dress up, but it can be frantic since you have to find an inexpensive costume that fits well.

Anyway, I chose to be a Tarn or a Wartarn or…actually I’m just going to be an eagle. Which kind of takes all of the coolness out of it. But hey, at least you can scare the people trying to scare you, right? I don’t know, I’ll have to try it.

Another really great thing, of course, is the candy that you get from people (probably by hitting your head on windows to see if there’s anyone there only to actually hit yourself on the window, audibly, making them rush over and give you extra candy because they feel really bad.) for free. Free!

Hershey’s kisses, Snickers, candy corn, Sweet Tarts, you name it, you can probably find it if you search hard enough.  Sometimes you can even get large bars of chocolate, or really good things like Lindt chocolate or really just some really good candy that probably costs a lot of money. However, sadly, these houses are quite rare. Hey, maybe you can find one, I don’t know.

Sometimes you’ll see little kids walk up to a house and then have somebody give them heart attacks from the darkness of a bush. Most people that do this are dressed up in really scary things like werewolf costumes and such. I actually considered being a bush for the creeps to hide in and then poking whoever hides in me during the night. In fact, I’ll do that. Next year, I’ll be a bush.

Anyway, one other thing that I absolutely love about Halloween is the spooky ways everybody decorates their house. I’ve seen some very creative things in the 11 years I’ve gone trick-or-treating, and I can’t wait to see what happens this year. Er, I mean, next week.

Maybe somebody will get creative and put out some animatronic characters…Freddy Fazbear…Chica the Chicken… Bonnie the Bunny… Foxy the Fox…. Yeah. Anyway, I’ve seen spiders and fully moving skeletons but maybe there will be some even more creative things out here, since last Halloween was in Pennsylvania.  I guess I’ll just have to wait until next Friday!

One final thing that I absolutely love about fall is the crispy, dry leaves. I love how they pile up into a giant leaf cushion to jump in. I love the fact that since the leaves aren’t as oxygen hungry (they’re dead. I don’t think they use any oxygen at all, really.) the air is much more crisp and clear and it actually feels pretty good to breathe it in. I guess you really can’t compete with cool fresh air.

Another thing I like about leaves is the pile they make. If you have a big maple tree, a lot of big leaves will fall and you can rake them into a big pile and jump in! The way the leaves crunch down to make room for even more leaves that crunch down for more leaves is truly amazing!

And when all the leaves are flattened down into one smallish pile you can just fluff up the pile to get one big HUGE pile of leaves to dive into. It’s really fun to make a huge pile and then hide something in the pile to find, especially if the thing you hide makes noise. Like a squeaky toy. Best game ever.

Well, I suppose this is the end. You made it through, at least. I don’t really have that much else to say. The writing is over. There’s nothing else to read but I hope you tried to enjoy what was there at least. So that’s what I like about fall. Not everything but YOU GET THE POINT RIGHT?

An awkward farewell,

Princess Nagger

||Rough Draft||

I hope you laughed as hard as I did at her wit and humor. That’s a wrap for this week – you know the drill, link up and join in the fun, everyone is welcome – random or not. Be sure to visit your fellow randomizers so they don’t feel so lonely.



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  1. That is an awesome essay. Looks like she has a great sense of humor! Sadly, here the thing we tend to find in piles of leaves is not something you truly want to find–dog doo.
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