Brabham-headerIt may (or may not) surprise you that once upon a time I used to be a member of the S.C.C.A. – Sport Car Club of America. I got to wander around aimlessly amongst the race cars and drivers, and even had the privilege of directing the race cars into the pits right before the start of the race.

I even had the ultimate  honor of getting to ride in the Pace Car before one of the races.

So. Much. FUN.

Hopefully in my stack’o’boxes, the box with pictures will have some from that time amongst them, too so I can share them with you at some point.

I had such a blast hanging out with famous and not-so-famous race car drivers, getting autographs, giving the NASCAR drivers a hard time about leaving oil on the track prior to the Formula One drivers taking to the course, just being in the middle of the sights and sounds and pure adrenaline rush each race would bring.

So when I was approached about being a member of a motor sport team – and getting to invite you guys along for the ride, how could I pass that up? It’s the world’s first crowd funded racing team!

Brabham, one of the most successful names in motorsport history has launched Project Brabham in a bid to come back as a world-class racing team. In the pioneering spirit of triple Formula 1 World Champion Sir Jack, Brabham will return through an innovative model of open source racing to build and fund a sustainable team. There’s just one essential ingredient required for it to work – your participation and crowdfunding support.

The exciting new journey begins with Project Brabham, where the motorsport community can become a key part of the team and shape its future through crowdfunding. The first to back Brabham Racing’s vision will get exclusive rewards only available through this first phase, while a variety of packages enable people to get involved for as little as one pound.

For Jack’s son, ex-F1 driver, Le Mans winner and multiple sportscar champion David Brabham to bring the iconic name back to racing, it has to be about more than just being another team. It will be about the very embodiment of Brabham with a far bigger purpose than winning, engaging with people on a deeper level so Brabham can fire imaginations once again.

Openness and transparency will be at the core of the Brabham Racing team. Giving fans unrivalled behind-the-scenes access will provide a greater racing experience, incredible insight and knowledge about the team and the wider sport, while Brabham also plans to inspire drivers and engineers across the globe.

Brabham is looking for motorsport fans just like you and me to become a part of racing history. They are looking to raise money to create the first ever community-sponsored motor racing team in an FIA discipline, with a team in next year’s WEC – and eventually even Formula 1 (my favorite!). 


Members of Project Brabham aren’t just there for funding, either. Brabham has promised that you will be able to genuinely contribute to their re-launch.


Three web-based portals will allow members to engage with the team on a level you can’t with any other motorsport team; to live, breathe and learn through the highs and lows of creating, managing and sustaining a professional racing team.

Members of Brabham-Fan will interact and contribute towards collaborative decisions in a way no racing team has attempted before, in turn tapping into the power of collective thinking. Brabham will share everything from its investor search, driver selection process and building its premises, to the first car build, test and race. On race weekends Brabham-Fan will become the gateway for live telemetry, behind-the-scenes footage, radio communications and even race strategy.

Brabham-Driver is for those who want to know what it takes, technically and professionally, to become the ultimate racing driver. Through online training, Brabham will provide the knowledge and understanding to develop car set-up, learn how to develop a winning mentality, get advice from nutritional experts and sports psychologists, and receive training regimes from specialist coaches.

Brabham-Engineer will involve the community in the development of the team’s racing technology while providing a series of e-learning modules around what it takes to reach the pinnacle of motorsport engineering. Project challenges will cover all aspects of aerodynamics, CFD, suspension geometry and gearboxes, where members can get involved in the development of specific parts or even a future Brabham prototype, with certification of their achievements.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of this innovation in motorsport, won’t you join me?

David_Brabham_Le_Mans_Winner_2009This is a great video explaining more in depth about this project – watch it, then head over here to find out more information, and what you can do to participate:

Let’s race!






A big thanks to Project Brabham and Fuel My Blog for tapping into my racing spirit and allowing me to be involved in this motor sport team. 



  1. I hope Brabham Racing team collects millions of dollars and get maximum funds. I think people should support such projects that is promising. All boys crazy about motor sports should extend thier support.

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