So far, (mostly) so good, in the school mode, Little Dude has only gotten in trouble twice more since last week – once for talking in class, and once for throwing sand on the playground. At least he hasn’t had to go to the principal’s office, so he’s making forward progress.

Princess Nagger has decided she wants to take a furlough (that’s what they call a break) from the Gifted Program this year, because she’s bored (they have 5th and 6th graders in the same classroom, and they’ve been focusing on 5th grade learning so far…no wonder she’s bored, since in all subjects she’s already two or three years ahead. Such a difference between two different states’ school systems.)

Anyway, she tried very hard to make friends with her classmates, but instead of making her feel welcome, they simply ignore her. It wouldn’ be so bad if she could at least see and/or interact with the friends she made last year at lunch or at recess – but they keep the classes on different schedules.

While the educational portion of school is obviously important, the socialization aspect is also important, especially to someone like Princess Nagger who tends to be a social butterfly. So we’ve got the ball rolling, hopefully in a day or two her smile will return and go from this:


To this again:


I’ll keep you posted. I think it will be a good thing, even though she’ll still be bored with the learning aspect, but she starts Jr. High next year and needs to be surrounded by a motley crew of solid friends! What do you think?

Meanwhile, the car line is as cutthroat as ever. This school really doesn’t have a great parking lot for all the crazy parents and grandparents dropping off and picking up their kids. There are still many people who try to cut into the long line – and some do so successfully, like this woman, who did just that yesterday:


There’s a car in front of me waiting to go around the corner to pull in behind the black vehicle in front of the line-cutting Escalade. The woman in the Escalade came out of nowhere and simply pulled into that spot, disregarding the handicap spots over there on the right, that the school has endeared all us drivers to keep open and accessible.

There were at least 30 cars behind me – and I imagine 30 parents or grandparents none too happy this woman thought she was special and didn’t need to wait at the back of the line. The woman in the car in front of me at least went over to her and set her straight about how the line works, so we’ll see if she follows the rules.

And now, for some funnies:



That’s a wrap for this week – you know the drill, link up and join in the fun, everyone is welcome – random or not. Be sure to visit your fellow randomizers so they don’t feel so lonely.



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  1. I’m back! I’ve missed you so much! No excuse except just general blogging malaise. Poor PN. I’m sorry it’s so rough for her right now. I’m afraid I have no helpful insight, because Jude’s school’s so tiny, and he’s known all the kids since preschool – whole different situation. But I know she’ll hang in there and become a social butterfly again. The car cutting in the carline? Seriously, I would have gotten out of my car, knocked on their window, and explained the rules very clearly. I guarantee that everybody else in the line would have been cheering.

  2. I avoid the drop-off line at all costs. To me it’s a tuck and roll situation: get out kid! But some parents simply sit there and I swear to you their kids are in there still eating breakfast. I drop Elliot at a corner where he crosses with Mr. Bob, the crossing guard. In the afternoon, it’s better because he goes to aftercare and there’s no one time everyone picks up. Thank God.
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  3. Definitely getting the posse set up for Middle school is important. Turbo has been navigating the change to a sixth grade at the middle school/junior high that we have here. He went from 30 kids to 60-70 kids and more will join them next year as all the sixth graders have not been integrated yet.
    As for the line cutting, I would have been offended, but not confrontational. I’d have muttered bad things about her and hoped karma would get her.
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  4. Yep! You want her to have some friends heading into the jr high! Hopefully she gets in, not only with a decent crowd, but also with teachers who have a focus on classroom community (they really do exist, we have had plenty!)
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