What is it with school starting in August in many areas? Thankfully that’s not the case here, we have the start like I remembered from when I was in school, following Labor Day Weekend. That’s the weekend that officially marks the end of summer, at least on a mental status.

Princess Nagger is especially happy that it’s a later start here than in PA – for some reason she doesn’t seem to mind a later end date, since that’s essentially what happens.


Hard to believe this time last year the movers were loading up the truck (and breaking stuff along the way), and we followed two weeks later. It doesn’t seem like we’ve been out here for almost a year, but I’m sure that has everything to do with us being Basement Dwellers in my parents’ basement the first 5 months of our time here, before we bought our new house.

I’m sure part of the ‘doesn’t feel like’ part is because I still have stacks of boxes to unpack. I better hurry up and get it done, I’d really like to have a big blowout housewarming party sooner rather than later! Anyone want an invite? You’re welcome to join in the fun when it finally happens.

Speaking of fun… or not… What is the deal with door-to-door salespeople? Seriously, with all this technological advancement, wouldn’t you think the door-to-door salesmanship would become obsolete? I really need to get a “No Soliciting” sign for the front door – those people are relentless! Some random dude knocked on our door just before 8pm, the dogs barked like crazy, I ignored the knock since I was busy cleaning the kitchen, and knew where everyone was:

Hubby in the garage playing guitar…check.

Princess Nagger in the cul-de-sac trading Pokemon cards with her friend…check.

Little Dude tucked in snugly for bedtime…check.

Dogs hovering around my feet hoping against hope that the leftovers of the delicious smelling bbq pulled pork I made for dinner would somehow miraculously fall to the floor and present them with a feast as I put everything away…check.

Until the knocking happened, in which case they abandoned their cause and raced to the living room to bark frantically at the front door.

Since I ignored the knock, the dogs got bored, stopped barking and resumed their posts trying to trip me in the kitchen.

Until, 15 minutes later… *knock knock knock…* bark bark bark…Bark Bark Bark… *knock knock knock*… BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK!!!!!!!

So I figured I better double check to see if maybe Princess Nagger locked herself out of the house. I opened the door just wide enough to see who it was, yet not wide enough for the dogs to go barreling out. The smiling dude standing on my porch was holding a thick binder that screamed “SALESMAN”!!

He only said “Hey, how ya doing?”

I interrupted with my reply of “I’m good and not interested, thanks” then quickly closed the door.

We definitely need to get a ‘No Soliciting” sign. I’m thinking something appropriate, like this:


We didn’t get many of them in our house in PA, mostly because we didn’t live in a development that is a door-to-door salesman’s dream (and I’m sticking with the salesMAN portion because all the sales calls we’ve had since we’ve moved in have all been men. So I don’t think need to be PC in this instance, do you?) so the downside to not living on a dangerously busy road is the foot traffic of binder-carrying salesmen peddling their goods.

Speaking of goods…  Have you seen the newest ‘selfie’ invention? A toaster! Some dude in Vermont started a selfie toaster company – no lie!


See? Told ya! Bet a lot of you are wishing you’d thought of it – with the selfie craze, it could certainly make some decent money for the inventor. The inventor, Galen Dively is a self-proclaimed slacker Deadhead. He apparently tours around following the Grateful Dead, and decided he needed to be resourceful since he did have bills to pay, deadhead or not.

Would you put your face on toast? According to the inventor, it looks like you, after a night of drinking. You can get one for $75. I double dog dare you to do it.

And now, for something really funny from Facebook:


My work here is done. That’s a wrap for this week – you know the drill, link up and join in the fun, everyone is welcome – random or not. Be sure to visit your fellow randomizers so they don’t feel so lonely.



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  1. Living in a college town, we get a lot of the door to door sales people. They really are persistent. I’m the type that shuts them down pretty quick, but Nick will listen to their spiel and then say no. I think he likes to lead them on.
    Our back to school is fairly consistent, but sometimes they wait until after Labor Day, but most don’t like waiting until the beginning of June for the kids to get out of school. So we usually start back just before Labor Day.
    VandyJ would like you to read ..Oh! Random!My Profile

  2. I let Beloved handle the door-to-door salesman; as a former salesman himself (albeit not door-to-door), he’ll listen to their pitch then critique it before refusing to purchase their wares. It can be a hilarious experience…if you’re not the salesman, of course. He’ll mess with door-to-door political campaigners, too – ask them things like what their candidate is going to do for HIM, or about such-and-such issue and then watch them sweat (you’d be amazed at how little people know about the political candidates they’re in favor of, much less campaigning for).

    The Young One’s last day of his summer job is this Saturday, then the following Saturday we take him back to college. The weekend after that, Jolly and The G Man make their move to Michigan. Where the heck did this summer go??
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  3. I can’t really blame you for not wanting to deal with sales people. It’s their way of getting around the do not call lists. It’s also not safe really? how is it safe for people to be going door to door? people own guns!
    Kyooty/Mary would like you to read ..Praying!My Profile

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