Most people make the assumption that here in the Pacific Northwest it rains all the time.  We do have our fair share of rain, but that mostly happens in the winter when other areas are getting inundated with snow.

Personally, I’d prefer a few days of snow over a few days of rain, but that’s just me.

All other times it varies between cloudy, foggy, or those stellar bright sunshiny days that we’ve been having a lot of lately. Sure, that means it’s been uncharacteristically hot, but I don’t mind, especially since I don’t have to worry about perpetual bad hair days like I did when living in Pennsylvania with the extreme humidity tagging along on those hot sunny days.

And then there are those days that are a combination of sunny with some puffy white clouds that give us quite the show when you look up.  Or even better, when there’s an incredible display like there was a few days ago:


Isn’t that cool in a funky kind of way? Here’s a little closer shot:


Pretty cool, no? The sun was directly behind that fat juicy cloud, which gave an amazing display. It was kind of cool how the cloud cast a shadow against the blue of the sky, too.


Some days it definitely pays to simply look up. 



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  1. Yes, I agree it pays to look up. You just don’t know what you might be missing some days. I love this cloud ~ very cool, indeed! It makes me think of a mushroom cloud as in the the atom bomb going off kind, but without the destruction. Have a fototastic week & happy #WW!
    Cathy Kennedy would like you to read ..WW: July berries and bloomsMy Profile

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