So many people have been sharing the first day of school pictures! Now that we’re back in Washington State, it’s an unfamiliar sight since school doesn’t start here until after Labor Day. Princess Nagger is especially happy that it’s still full-on summer here. 


I’m very glad the kids don’t start school until September, instead of this week or next like they would have in Pennsylvania, because we still have a lot of summer activities to enjoy before then!

Especially since I still need to finish the Back To School shopping – trying to find a good Pokemon backpack for Princess Nagger has become quite the challenge. At least Little Dude was easy – I found a Cars themed backpack with attached lunchbox and he’s all happy and all done.

He’s got enough school clothes and new shoes to get him through the year – barring any unforeseen major growth spurts or destruction like his shoes from last year:


But Princess Nagger is in dire need of a new wardrobe and new shoes, since she’s outgrown everything over the summer – including the new clothes I bought a size bigger in anticipation of potential growth spurts, but she’s outgrown them without getting a chance to wear them. Thank goodness for flip-flops and sunny weather, since her skis-for-feet aren’t fitting any of her vast number of shoes. Crazy.

I keep searching for that elusive pause button, but it’s just not happening.

I did make sure I bought all the supplies from the supply list a couple of weeks ago – since they tend to put that stuff out around the 4th of July, and by now most of it’s already picked clean and they’re moving it out to bring in Halloween stuff before summer is completely gone. By Halloween it’ll be Christmas stuff. 

The next 2-1/2 weeks both the kids and the hubby are off, and the hubby is off an additional  3 weeks after that – which means you unfortunately won’t be getting my undivided attention since it’ll be divided in mega interruptus mode. But since time flies faster these days, it’ll seem like no time at all, right?

At least I won’t  be taking a hiatus this time, I’ll just be hit-and-miss with the visits. I know, you’re thinking “What else is new?!” since I’ve already been hit-and-miss since our move.

If I make a conscientious effort to spend a little less time in front of my screen, I’ll finally  get all those boxes from our move fully unpacked. I’m really getting tired of seeing those stacks, and I really want to move forward with an epic Housewarming Party well before Christmas, you know?

I’m thinking I might have to have a goal of having it on October 4th for the Housewarming Party – which ironically lands on a Saturday this year, because it was Saturday, October 4, 2003 we had our Housewarming Party and surprise wedding for our first house we bought in PA.

Of course we won’t be doing the surprise wedding this time around, but it would be kind of fun to do the Housewarming on the anniversary date of our first house – because that was our first house in PA, and this is our first house in WA. Yes, my mind travels in alternate universes sometimes.

Speaking of Alternate universes… So this weekend I get an email inviting me to check out Claire’s BTS specials. When I clicked the link, here’s what I saw on their site:


See the glaring error? Here, let me help you with that:


The funny thing is I saw that early in the morning – and it stayed like that all day long. No words. Because my mind is in the gutter and I can’t go there here.

That’s a wrap for this week – you know the drill, link up and join in the fun, everyone is welcome – random or not. Be sure to visit your fellow randomizers so they don’t feel so lonely.



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  1. Oh brother, I remember those days of shopping for FOUR kids going back to school. Thank God for my Mom helping me with their new outfit for the first day of school. She always bought them something for that first day. Gotta love mama’s! They are the best! Fortunately (although I don’t think they liked it much, but the two younger ones got many hand me downs, and in my own little click of friends we always passed our clothes etc. around. That was definitely neat and saved a whole bunch of money! Thank the Lord for friends… have a great day… FRIEND!
    XmasDolly would like you to read ..Show Off Tuesday! Give-Aways & Reviews!My Profile

  2. Being empty nesters has it benefits in more ways than one, like no back-to-school worries. Of course, we never had that before the kids were grown and out of the house being home-schoolers. We didn’t fall into that class. I can’t believe how quickly the summer is disappearing on us, though. Way too fast! I’m looking forward to autumn, but not winter. In fact, last week a hint of fall was felt in the breeze. I don’t remember August feeling chilly like that before. Enjoy what’s left of summer and happy random!
    Cathy Kennedy would like you to read ..Tuesday Talk Time: #Sottopelle Therapy part 2My Profile

  3. I’m so glad Darling Daughter is with us right now – she thrives on organizing and packing and such (she must get it from her father, because she certainly didn’t get that trait from me), so she’s in charge of getting The Young One ready to go back to Kent State this coming Saturday. All I have to do is drag him out to shop for clothes and a haircut, thank goodness.

    On October 4th, I’ll be up to my elbows in fondant and modeling chocolate – I have a wedding that day. I’d rather be at your housewarming party…
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  4. The only way to keep Turbo in enough clothes that fit is thrift store shopping. He’d break the bank otherwise. Thrift store shopping with a girl is more complicated. My mom shopped for me that way for years. The up side is I am now a very accomplished thrift store shopper myself.
    We start next week. 6th grade it the middle school. No pause button here, and I’ve stopped blinking, but they still keep growing on me.
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  5. My daughter needs a new wardrobe (just because I can’t do the basketball tshirts another year)…but she doesn’t know what it will be. So for right now she just thinks maybe some new sneakers…not as urgent as your need though!
    Andrea would like you to read ..Random recapMy Profile

  6. I really wish we would go back to the days where school started AFTER Labor day! I have been so behind because school started a week ago and we didn’t prepare like we normally do. ( I don’t recommend this method) Preparing is a GREAT IDEA! Stay ahead of the game!
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