Anyone familiar with video games has probably heard of the game “Super Monkey Ball”. If not, it’s a game where these cute little monkeys are running around inside a ball on crazy tracks, picking up bananas and gold coins as you go, trying to reach the goal before time runs out.

You are basically the monkey character, and you have to make sure you get through the levels without the monkey in the ball falling off the edge of the track you’re rolling on. It’s really cute:


It happens to be one of our favorites to play as a family on the Wii – though the Princess Nagger and hubby tend to be a little more on the competitive side. All in good fun, though!

Needless to say, when we were at my dad’s company picnic a few weeks back, there happened to be a giant field with two giant balls to run around in.

Maybe I should refer to them as ‘spheres’…

Naturally my two monkey minions wanted to run around in them, and of course I’m all about the photo op. Little Dude did a stand up job running around in one of those, while a dude guided the sphere across the field and back:


Princess Nagger took her turn and had a great time, too:


She noticed the other guide dude wasn’t hovering and walking back and forth with the other ball – more or less a free-for-all, so she decided to go again, this time without the guide dude supervision so she could race really really fast – you know that need for speed:


With great speed comes the possibility of taking a tumble:


But no worries, as you can see those things are super padded and cushy, so recovery is swift:


Would you run around like a monkey in a ball? 



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