I hope you all had a wonderful (and safe) 4th of July – did you party like rock stars? It was nice being able to attend my brother’s annual 4th of July celebration, another perk of finally being ‘home’. Awesome food, awesome friends, and of course awesome fireworks over Puget Sound. Bliss.

Since it’s Monday, for many who had a long weekend because of the holiday, it’s back to business. Don’t shoot the messenger! But at least you can make today better with some great tunes, right? It’s a freebie week, so let’s have some fun!

Let’s start off with an artist who finds love with his new single that just hit stores last month. While he takes chances elsewhere on the project, this ballad plays it safe with a familiar storyline, including the lyrics:

“In my truck, flying down a dirt road / Pickin’ you up, feelin’ kinda crazy / Think I’m in luck cause I know my baby”

While not a true vocal showcase, this song is an opportunity for the artist to show off his strong vocal abilities. I especially love the catchy chorus:

“Cause when the sun goes down it will get a little hotter / Make an old boy’s heart beat a little harder / I know I can’t lose cause it’s going down smooth tonight / One ain’t enough man may I have another / Sitting ’round the fire gettin’ drunk on each other / Every day I pray I thank God I got her / She’s the moon in my shine, the whiskey in my water”.


Fun Fact: Country boys love the Flint River (it’s referenced in this song). Aside from Farr, Luke Bryan (‘My Kind of Night’ and ‘We Rode in Trucks’) and Justin Moore (‘If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away’) have mentioned it in songs. The waterway runs through western Georgia.

Give a listen to Tyler Farr with “Whiskey in My Water”:

Next up is pretty classic for this artist: there’s sun, sand, water, pretty women. But this song is more like this artist 2.0 – it shows a more free-spirited side than ever before.

“We were teenage dreamin/Front seat leanin’/Baby, come give me a kiss/Put me on the cover of the Rolling Stone/Uptown, down home American kids”  he sings and strums his guitar in the Southern California desert, joined by a group of similarly carefree people and a colorful old bus that looks like it might have traveled to Woodstock back in the day.

He said that the spirit of the whole thing – the song, the bus, the idea of the kids riding around, having fun, playing music and just celebrating life — fun is where and how you make it. 

This is the first single off his new album slated for release on September 23rd. The artist has been in the studio since October working on this particular album, not even touring so he could focus fully on the making of this album, so you know it’s going to be good.


Here’s Kenny Chesney with “American Kids”:

Next up, since I know at least one of you is not a country fan (*cough*Joyce*cough), here’s an Indie Rock band who first got together in 2006 while attending Berklee College of Music. The quartet spent their first years in Boston recording and performing music under a different name before relocating to New York in 2010.

They released two albums under their former name, but decided it wasn’t working for them, so they came up with their current name and landed a record deal with Mercury Records. This is their second single after signing to the label.

They said this was a really fun song to write, that it’s actually pieces from five different songs that they combined. They shelved it for a while, but when they came back to it, they realized they had something special.

They wanted to tell this story of how no matter what’s going on – whether you’re stuck at your job or having a bad day – there’s always an escape from that, and there’s always a way to make any day the best day of your life. It’s about escaping reality and entering into that dream world.


Fun Facts: Interest soared in the song after its use and exposure in a Lowe’s TV ad, and featured in a UK Hyundai commercial plus a Telecom New Zealand campaign. It was also placed in the trailer for the Vince Vaughn movie, Delivery Man,  and featured in the 2013 Ben Stiller movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

Without further ado, here’s American Authors with “Best Day Of My Life”:

Last, but certainly not least, is a trio that does young love very well. In this single they stick to a theme they’ve leaned upon for every single to date, yet they somehow, avoid the “same story, different bar” syndrome.

The lead vocalists have shown growth, and the third member’s harmonies are strong and help tell the story:

“She walked up said she needed a drink / I said Whatcha want, she said Whatcha think / I took a sip and we were slipping away to a little corner table to the left of the stage” – the song is wordy, but their energy helps set the mood for this love story.

“When she talked I just wanted to listen / Just like that we were kissin’ / Whenever I get to reminiscin’ / I think about what started out as a / What’s up, catch a buzz, talkin’ ‘bout whatever / Ended up being the best night ever”  is a catchy chorus.


Here’s Gloriana with “Best Night Ever”:

That’s a wrap – have a great Monday!


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  1. Woo hoo! Two bottles of Priincess Nagger wines. You’re going to have a ton of entries. You really know how to write a blog (I know I’ve said that before) explaining a little about each song so you have some background when you listen to it. I like that Whiskey in My Water and he has a strong voice. I’m not too big on country music but the way you explained and gave us lyrics to the songs I’m going to be looking out for the “Flint River” reference every time I listen to one from now on. Great line up of great songs. Thanks, you got me movin’ this Monday.
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  2. Hi Stacy! Still here in Jersey, and still with my most precious gift in the world, my granddaughter. You have some cute ones today! Love “Whiskey in My Water”. I wish we did have some as I would love to flame it with some Kaseri Cheese. Makes a great Greek appetizer.
    Danielle Royalegacy would like you to read ..Serene Sunday – America the BeautifulMy Profile

  3. Hi Stacey, love you music choices especially Whiskey in My Water, good one. Hope you enjoy your day and can make your way over to link up at Mondays Reflection this week!!!

  4. I heard the new Kenny Chesney just yesterday on the way home from the mountains and I really liked it. Looking forward to seeing what else he has for us.
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  5. American Kids is my favorite talk about rockin’ the house for sure! Love your picks today! You’re rockin as usual and I expect no less hehehehe!!! Well, off to pick up my new glasses because I not only lost my old ones, but it’s been 13 yrs since I’ve been tested. I know I’m bad, but I really didn’t know how much I needed them until I didn’t have them to drive. So uncool, but we’re all alright He-he-he!!! you rock girl!
    XmasDolly would like you to read ..Monday’s Music Moves MeMy Profile

  6. These are so fun and new to me. Kenny is such a fun guy too. He is blowing up the stages!

    Glad you had a great July 4th with family. I wish sometimes I lived closer to family too.

    Keep enjoying the summer! 🙂
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