Do you realize that today is kind of a cool date divisible by 7? You know, 7-14-14. I’m going to have to think of clever ways to utilize the date just for fun. How about you?

Meanwhile, it’s Monday – and Monday means music! This week’s theme is our favorite Country artist or Rock’n’Roll star – and since I started compiling so many artists and songs we’d end up being here all week, so I opted for the Country boys for this week – I’ll share the rocker dudes later.

Let’s start off with one of my favorite artists who recently did a duo with another favorite. The artist explained that she and her co-writers set out to pen something that will have her fans dancing along.

“We went into the writing session thinking we need to write something that just kicks butt,” she said, “and Chris DeStefano, I call him a little mad scientist on all of his Pro Tools stuff — he, like, plays every instrument you could possibly think of, and he, like, started makin’ this track, and we started…we just went. It was fast. We wrote it fast, and it’s just fun! It’s upbeat, it’s fun, you stomp your feet, and you can dance to it. It’s got this really rockin’ verse, and this really, like, rockin’ country chorus. So, it’s just a really cool song.”

The inspiration for the song the artist said “We’ve all been this girl before, who just believes the best in the man that she’s with, no matter what. But people are like, ‘What’s wrong with you?’ So we tried to take the story of dual personalities: one is good and one is knowledgeable… She’s not bad, she’s just trying to give the good girl some knowledge and say, ‘Wake up! Open up your eyes and see this guy for what he is.'”

The artist had a great time channeling her inner rock chick – she grew up listening to a lot of rock music through her sisters, who were teenaggers while she was young, so they had control of the radio. The video for this song won the Video Of The Year prize at the 2012 CMT Awards.


Here’s my girl, Carrie Underwood with “Good Girl”:

Next up is another favorite artist who did the recent duet with the first favorite. Bet you already know who I’m talking about, don’t you? This particular song is one of her earlier songs – as a matter of fact, it’s off her very first studio album from 2005. That seems like forever ago!

A tidbit I didn’t know (or remember – you know how the memory works after years of…I forget. Heh.) is that this particular artist competed in the show “Nashville Star”, and even though she didn’t win, she did place third and was still signed by Epic Nashville in 2004. Learn something new every day!

Her first album spawned four Top 40 Billboard Country Chart singles, but this, the title track, was the only major hit for her on this particular album. The music’s tone is set to a “love gone wrong” theme, however the artist has clarified that she did not draw inspiration from her personal life. She’s stated that she just “…loved a lot” and is “…one of those people who love very deeply when I do.” 

While she wrote the title track, she does give co-credit to an Alternative country artist, Steve Earle, since she unconsciously copied the melody and structure of his 1996 single, “I Feel Alright”.

Without further ado, here’s Miranda Lambert with her very first hit, “Kerosene”:

Next up is an artist I’ve made quite clear is my all-time favorite. Top of the list. Can do no wrong, ever. He definitely has quite a few funny songs in his repertoire.  This particular song that I’ve loved forever was apparently his very first funny one.

While still a student at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee in the early 1990’s, this artist had been asked to participate in a student concert.  Having primarily sung ballads at that point in his career, he decided to add a novelty song to his repertoire.

A fellow student (who would eventually become the artist’s record producer), agreed, suggesting that they should “write something that will make them laugh”, and the two then began to write the song.  When the artist performed the song at the student concert, he received a positive reaction from the audience members, who began to laugh and cheer once he reached the first chorus.

After signing to his recording contract with Arista Nashville in 1999, he planned to place the song on his debut album, but his producer thought that the “song was better for a more established artist”.  Even though Garth Brooks, George Strait, and Alan Jackson had all shown interest in recording the song, this artist (wisely) kept it to himself after the success of his debut album.

He then recorded it for his Part II album, and the song was released as that album’s third single.  He was initially reluctant to have it released as a single, as he had thought that the concept of a male choosing fishing over love might be offensive to female listeners.  Just goes to show what kind of an awesome guy he really is.


Drop everything and give a listen to Brad Paisley with “I’m Gonna Miss Her”:

Next up is another favorite duo whose newest album is coming out very very soon. I cannot wait! This particular song shows these two as the wild-eyed, brash, cowboy rockers that originally attracted so many fans to their diesel-powered style when they debuted in 2003.  No one is going to accuse them of excessive versatility, but they do what they do with genuine conviction and passion.

“Even old granny’s getting chatty and batty on pappy’s apple pie moonshine / I don’t know what you’re expecting but buddy if you’re bettin’ I’d be bettin’ on a hell of a time,” they sing to close the first verse.

The chorus was my favorite to belt out while speeding down the freeway:  ”‘Cause you know we’re gonna party like cowboyz / Whoop out the big toys / Pour on the gasoline / Put some fire on the fuses / We’re about to do this / Pumped on adrenaline / We’re getting jackety-jacked up, beer backed and doubled up / Stand up and make some noise / We’re gonna party like cowboyz.”


Here’s Big & Rich with – you guessed it – “Party Like Cowboyz”:

Let’s Party Like Cowboyz and have a great Monday!


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  1. I really love all the artists you chose for today. Brad is such a fun artist and I have enjoyed Carrie Underwood since she won American Idol–the last season I really watched the show. Miranda Lambert has had some great songs, I love singing along with her in the car!
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  2. Not that I don’t love your pickins’ on the gals.. love it, but it was to be MALE my friend! hehehe…. So who cares with rockin’ tunes like these! Man, all this dancin’ today I’m pooped!!! I went backwards on our linky today!!! hahaha YOU’RE ROCKIN’ THE HOUSE FOR SURE! Let’s boogie… luv dancin’ wit y’all!!!! hugsssssssssss
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