I’ve been somewhat lackadaisical on my blogging the last year or so, in part because of the craziness of getting ready for the great move from Pennsylvania back to Washington State, followed by the temporary status of Basement Dwellers followed by the next-to-final move into our new house.

The reason I say ‘next-to-final’ is because our new house, while awesome as it is, isn’t the house we plan to stay in and grow old, it’s a stepping stone to that ‘dream house’. You know, what with having to wait forever and a day for our house to sell in PA to free up some budgetary cash flow. But it’s an awesome house, and we’ll love it for as long as we live here, more than a year but less than ten.

Who knows, maybe once we do the modifications and add-ons, it’ll end up being the house we’ll never move from. I’ll keep you posted.

But I digress…what I’m getting at is I haven’t been a great bloggy friend to you, my most appreciated readers and bloggy friends. That’s all going to change – now that the kids are winding up their school year and we’ll have some summer time fun and freedom, I won’t be subjected to being stuck in my car for hours on end every day.

Which means that not only will I finally have time to finish unpacking (yes, I still have stacks’o’boxes that have been virtually left untouched) that also means that I’ll be able to dedicate more time to this precious blog of mine, as well as you, my loyal readers.

Even when summer comes to a close, I’ll still be able to keep the momentum going, since I won’t have that gawdawful drive back and forth every day, taking the kids to two different schools.

Rather than just ‘phone it in’ three days a week, I’m going to start writing  again – more fun, more anecdotes, more me.

So get ready, because it’s going to be a wild ride!

On that note, I wanted to relay a funny conversation that took place yesterday as I drove Little Dude to one of his last few days of school:

LD: “Me and Sally* are BFF’s!”

Me: “Oh really? Do you know what BFF means?”

LD: “No…”

Me: “It means ‘Best Friends Forever’ – is that what you and Sally are?”

LD: “Yes! Best Friends Forever! On Monday and Tuesday!”

Me: “Wait, what? Only on Monday and Tuesday? What about Wednesday, Thursday and Friday?”

LD: “Oh no, she plays with Lucy and Ethel on those days. But Monday and Tuesday we’re BFF’s!”

Me (laughing): “Well alrighty then – guess you have yourself a part-time BFF!”

LD (sitting up tall and proud): “Yep!”

Kids. Putting it in perspective at 6 years old.

Today I normally post a Wordless/Wordful Wednesday – but instead I’m posting this promise. No more phoning it in!


I’ll still have the occasional review and giveaway, but as always, I’ll post a ‘regular’ post in addition to the review posts so even though the review posts will have fun pictures and anecdotes, you can have something more ‘personal’ to read instead. Deal?

And no worries, I will still be co-hosting Monday’s Music Moves Me because I love music and love sharing favorites as well as background information to those songs, plus I love my co-host bloggy buddies.

I will also continue to limp along hosting Random Tuesday Thoughts and hope that previous participants will decide to come back to the fold. And next Wednesday I’ll be back with a ‘regular’ WW post for all you awesome WW people, friends and followers. You won’t want to miss it next week, because I’ll be posting first day/last day school pictures – you’ll want to see how the kids have grown and changed in a single school year.

But for today – thank you for being loyal readers and commenters, you have no idea how much I appreciate you sticking around through all the craziness that has been my life the last year or so. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


*Names changed to protect the innocent




  1. I understand the “phoning it in” because I’ve been doing the same thing for nearly a year. The fact that I’ve blogged twice already this week is something of note. I’d like to say I’ll be back to five days a week soon, but who the heck can tell? Not me – my life is a madhouse these days. *sigh*

    Glad you’re back, my friend, and I hope to be able to follow your lead. Hopefully soon.
    Jan’s Sushi Bar would like you to read ..Gingered Strawberry-Rhubarb CobblerMy Profile

  2. Hey- you’ve been a good blogger/bloggy-friend in my book. Loved your picture too ( you smiled pretty).
    I moved into my house 21 years ago thinking I’d be there only for 5 years so it did not have to be perfect. I think it’s the garden and the trees that I planted in my backyard that keeps me here more than anything. That’s life…

    Enjoy the rest of your week.
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  3. Have missed you around these parts. I really am looking forward to seeing more of you and the fun and funny things life tosses your way.
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  4. There you are beautiful 🙂
    Glad you’ll have more time to be present here and there.
    It is hard while being a mom. I’m usually running tight on the time.

    Here’s to the future 🙂
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