Is it just me, or is this year flying by at the speed of light? June?  Where’d you  come from? Before you know it, we’ll be commiserating on what feast we’ll be preparing for Thanksgiving and pulling out the Christmas decor to go to town.

I know, some of you are telling me to shut up. Heh.

It’s a little weird (to me) that the kids are still in school for another 11-1/2 days for Little Dude and 12-1/2 days for Princess Nagger. Not that I’m counting or anything. Much.

And by ‘weird’, I mean compared to the school Princess Nagger had been going to for the first 5 years of her school life. But then again, the difference between that school in PA and most schools here in WA differ in that in PA, school starts in the middle of August. Basically 2 weeks before schools start out here – which happens the Tuesday or Wednesday following Labor Day in September.

Princess Nagger is fine with having her school year extend into June, simply by the fact that she doesn’t have to ‘cut her summer short’ by starting in August. Plus, she also now finally gets to have a Spring Break, something they didn’t do at her old school for whatever reason. She’s loving her new school, and that’s what counts.

The hubby is finally getting to witness firsthand how different the weather is out here vs. in PA – and seeing that it truly does not rain here all the time. The fact that it’s bright, sunny and not humid is a big deal.

But of course that’s a secret between you and I, the fact that it doesn’t rain here all the time. Don’t go spreading that around, or more crazy people will want to move here.

Oh look! A shiny object!


That is the ever-gorgeous Carrie Underwood chillin’ on the brand spankin’ new motorcycle her pal, Miranda Lambert bought for her as a thank you gift. That’s something I would totally do, being the giver I am and all that. Hopefully my friends would appreciate the Barbie-sized motorcycle I’d end up giving them instead. Ahem.

Speaking of crazy… I saw this on the ‘net yesterday, and couldn’t believe what I was seeing:


Yes, that is a real one month old baby ‘securely’ attached to the bride’s train. Apparently the bride and groom, parents to this poor infant, wanted their baby to be ‘involved’ in the wedding. 

Hello?!  That’s  the brilliant idea they had to ‘involve’ that tiny child? Dragging  it behind the bride like tin cans on the back of a car? People’s lack of common sense never ceases to amaze me. Such a drag. 

Changing the subject… This is something I totally  need in my backyard:


Isn’t that cool? I mean, epic.  What a great idea, though – no one would suspect it’s actually a stocked bar when it’s all closed up. But come party time? Oh yeah.

That’s a wrap for this week – you know the drill, link up and join in the fun, everyone is welcome – random or not. Be sure to visit your fellow randomizers so they don’t feel so lonely.



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  1. Girl, it seems like only yesterday you & family was at your Mom & Dad’s living in the basement telling us all about that. Sheesh… did I blink? All the kids are out of school over here, and the air is on and I’m staying in more often now cuz of the heat. I waited all winter for this and I’m still in the house. bwahahahahaha So did hubby find a new band to play with or are you two still tinkering with your beautiful new house? LOL Christmas decorating? LOL I bet you can’t wait to decorate your new house and see how you’re going to light up that wonderful home of yours. Have a great day & enjoy your freedom… for now! (evil laugh here….)
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  2. NO! NO talking about the holidays! Summer! Cookouts! Swimming pools! Gardening!

    Boy, it feels good to get THAT off my chest.

    I also have to admit that I literally snorted over your “what a drag” addendum to that completely thoughtless and humiliating photo of that poor child.
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