Lately we’ve been talking about introducing the hubby to what phenomenal camping could be, now that we’re back in the Pacific Northwest and he’s green in all areas of camping – or what the great PNW can offer, for that matter. We were discussing maybe getting some sort of trailer or at least a pop-up in order to make camping more comfy, vs. sleeping on the floor of a tent.

Those plans are still actively being pursued.

Meanwhile, we do have a tent that was left behind in PA by our former friend who departed like a thief in the night (literally), but the tent itself managed to make it out here during our move, so at the insistence of Princess Nagger (and by ‘insistence’, I really mean ‘nagging’), she and I decided to set it up to make sure all the parts and pieces were there.

The tent is functional, but if we’re going to do tent camping, I’ve got my eye on a 3-room instant set-up tent that will not only make more room for our family of four, but eliminate the pole wrestling that had to commence to set up this particular tent.

Later that day I looked out the back door and noticed that Princess Nagger had set up a couple of our camp chairs and seemed to be holding court:


The following interchange took place while I was snapping pictures:


Much to the kids’ delight, we decided not to use this tent for camping or sell it on eBay – instead, we’ll set it up periodically for them to play in, and even have some backyard camp outs.

Do you like to go camping? If so, what do you camp in?



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  1. Love the conversation of Princess Nagger! We used to tent camp back in the day and I really enjoyed it, minus getting soaked during storms. Then we bought a camper and parked it at a local campsite. We stayed there every weekend for five years. Then we sold a couple months ago. As much as I mostly enjoyed camping, I’m camped out right now. I do have to say, though, that camping is a great family bonding experience.
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  2. We have a wonderful pop-up and that is what I recommend. They have some set up, but are easier to store and haul around. We plan on going camping this weekend. Hope you can get hubby on board with the fun that is camping–it results in the best thing in the world–the post camping shower.
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