Guess what boys and girls? It’s time for some celebrating! Today marks our 200th anniversary of Monday’s Music Moves Me! Seriously – 200 weeks? How’d that happen?

And, because we’re in a celebratory mood, we want to reward all you awesome participants with not one, but five different giveaways that you are able to enter, along with one big Grand Prize that Xmas Dolly is keeping a secret for now. You can pick and choose which giveaway you want to enter – you have a chance to win them all!

But first, let’s get down to business. Music business. Because it’s all about music, right? I’ll tell you about all the fun prizes after the break.

Since we’re in celebration mode this week, our theme is pretty straightforward – one song of Celebration and the rest a song that describes you! Turns out most of the songs I picked out are pretty much celebratory – but there are a couple that might describe me as well. You’ll just have to figure out which ones!

Let’s start off with a group that hasn’t been around all that long – but they’ve turned out quite a few hits thus far. This song cements the duo as a good-time country party band they introduced themselves as. This party song was released as their second single and extols the virtues of a good down-home party.

The song had been a live favorite long before it was released as a single – the duo knew it was a hit when they recorded their fall 2012 show at a bar in Chicago – they went back to the studio, listened to certain things, and when they muted everything else, heard the crowd. Everyone was singing every word to this song.

The music video was filmed in Cancun, Mexico – a great summer type song, and perfect for a celebration.


Give a listen to Florida Georgia Line with “Get Your Shine On”:

Next we have another great celebratory song, all the way from 2008. The song comes from this artist’s album of all-original material, an up-tempo song in which the narrator claims that he is tired after a week of working, and wants to have a party because “all the conditions are right”.

After the first verse, the lyrics list off the various details of the party, such as “a shot of tequila, beer on tap / Sweet Southern woman to sit on my lap”.  The lyrics also contain references to “All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight” by Hank Williams, Jr. and “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” by Brooks & Dunn.

The music video shows the artist and his band playing the song, as hundreds of people formed a huge line dance. Local television coverage clips showing that the artist was attempting to set the record for longest line dance were included.

The televised news coverage and line dance record attempt were fictional and performed by actors for dramatic purposes, of course. The late George Jones made a cameo in the video with his wife Nancy Jones. The artist’s wife even made a cameo at the end of the video where her unidentified character plays the role of picking him up in a convertible sports car.


Give a listen to Alan Jackson with “Good Time”:

Next up is a favorite from a group who released this single in 2012, which became their first #1 hit. The song sparked a fashion craze, as fans sported T-shirts adorned with a phrase from the song, “Mmm….motorboatin’.”

The group had been nominated for at least one CMA Award at six consecutive ceremonies since their first nomination in 2006, but walked away empty-handed each time. Finally, in 2012, won Single of the Year for this song as well as Vocal Group of the Year. 


Here’s Little Big Town with “Pontoon”:

Next up is an artist who always tells fun stories with his songs. He’s not one for spending the evenings at home slumped in front of his TV. The Country musician’s first single from his sixth studio album is a fist-pumping party song about his friends having grown up without him and preferring to stay at home, whilst he still wants to go out for the night.

“Am I the only one who wants to have fun tonight/Is there anybody out there wants to have a cold beer and kick it to the morning light?”  The artist explains that it’s a song about trying to drag your buddies out to have a good time.

The song is based on actual incident involving stay-at-home buddies. The artist wrote this song with some friends, about some friends of his he couldn’t get to go out on the town on a Friday night. He felt they were giving him some pretty weak excuses, so he had to make fun of them in the lyrics of this song. 


Give a listen to Dierks Bentley with “Am I The Only One”:

Next up is a brand new song from the latest album released by this artist just last week. I discovered it by happenstance, and fell in love with it immediately. It’s a bluesy, boozy barroom romp that finds this artist addressing the difficulties of getting older and her struggles with weight. The Nashville star has said that she thinks expressing herself authentically through music is imperative to her listeners.

She’s always been happy with herself, but when she hit 30, she thought “It’s not going to get easier.” So she chose to get ahead of it instead. She wrote the song with her guitar player who’s been with her since she was 17 – he’s in his 50’s. He came up with the title and she loved it, so they got into the tour bus and immediately started writing it – she said the song basically wrote itself.

She knew what it’s like after 30, and relied on him to tell her the rest – what she has to look forward to, so they started writing about every age.


Give a listen to Miranda Lambert with “Gravity Is a B**ch”:

Wasn’t that awesome? I can’t wait to see what the music video will be like – I’ll be sure to share that when it happens, too. And I bet a lot of us can certainly relate. Ahem.

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for – it’s Mega Giveaway time!

To celebrate this auspicious event – I mean c’mon, 200 weeks of fabulous music, yo! Each of the hostesses are hosting individual giveaways – U.S. residents are allowed to enter them all! There is one giveaway that’s not limited to the U.S. over on Becca’s site, because it’s a gift code, so no shipping and duty free!

Meanwhile, my contribution for this ultimate giveaway is two bottles of my award winning Princess Nagger wines – for those of you just joining in, I like to make wine as much as I like to drink it. So you’ll get to experience the deliciousness (if I do say so myself) of my creations in the privacy of your own homes. To entice you further, these are the wines included in this giveaway:

Princess Nagger Blackberry Merlot: 

This wine is a very welcome difference from your usual Merlot. Very fruity, yet still dry. A new twist on an old favorite; real Italian Merlot, full-flavored with the essence of freshly picked blackberries. Rich in color and deep in flavor, this blend is surprisingly semi-sweet, full of dark fall fruit flavors and accented with mild Merlot tannins. 13% Alcohol By Volume.

Princess Nagger Raspberry Merlot: 

Princess Nagger Raspberry Merlot is a smooth wine that has invigorating fruit flavors of plump sun-ripened berries combined with the natural blackberry character of Merlot. A perfect sweet and velvety beverage for summer sipping with a grilled burger on the side. Serve Chilled. 13% Alcohol By Volume. 

But wait! There’s more!

I’m also including a pair of stemless wine glasses so you’ll be able to enjoy the wine immediately upon arrival. Unless it’s 10:00 in the morning or something, that is. You probably should wait until it’s 5:00 somewhere, y’think?

I’m also including a cute little cork screw / bottle opener so you’ll be able to open the bottles, too – you know, so you won’t have to open it with your shoe. There’s actually a video on how to do that, y’know.

So what do you say? Ready for a toast? Then get busy, let’s get entering! Also, below the Rafflecopter is the descriptions and links to get to what my awesome co-hosts are giving away as well – let’s have some fun! Oh, and Good Luck!

Have a great Monday – thanks for joining in our fun each week!


Stacy Uncorked’s contribution to the
200th Monday’s Music Moves Me Celebration:



Want to win more cool stuff? Read on!


Our Fearless Leader, Xmas Dolly, is giving away: $25  Gift Certificate, plus a $15 Fandango Gift Certificate, plus a Mystery Grand Prize! Go check out her offerings here.

Our friend and co-host Callie from JAmericanSpice, is giving away: 5 Disney Posters: Million Dollar Arm, Planes: Fire & Rescue, Guardians of the Galaxy, Maleficent, and The 100 ft. JourneyGo check out her offerings here.

Our friend and co-host Cathy from  Curious as a Cathy is giving away: West Side Story: 50th Anniversary Edition Box Set [Blu-ray] (1961) Go check out her offerings here.

Our friend and co-host Naila Moon at Just the Stuff Ya Know is giving away: A special book package that includes paranormal books, children’s books and middle grade books. She’s also giving away One (1) month of free advertising for a blogger on her sidebar. Go check out her offerings here.

Our friend and co-host Becca of Everyday Life is giving away: A $10 iTunes Gift Certificate (this one is open to everyone, international and state-side!) Go check out her offerings here.


Now on to the particulars of Monday’s Music Move’s Me:


I have the supreme honor and privilege of being a co-host with the inimitable Xmas Dolly and our musical cohorts, Callie from JAmericanSpiceCathy  from Curious as a Cathy, Naila Moon  at Just the Stuff Ya Know, and Becca  of Everyday Life.

Want to join in the fun? It’s easy – just find a tune that rocks your boat, post it and link up – don’t forget to grab Xmas Dolly…er, um, I mean her button…over at her place here. Check out Xmas Dolly’s sidebar for the random themes we sport each week – and you can always ask for a specific theme of music you like, too. Check out the other music lovahs and let’s jam!



  1. Gr8 songs to celebrate our 200 weeks of music fun! If I were a wine drinker, then I would so enter your giveaway, but be it that I am not then that increases the odds for one of our regular faithful dancers to win your award winning PN wines. I love co-hosting this little meme with you and all the other fine ladies. Have a tunetastic week, Stacy!
    Cathy Kennedy would like you to read ..Summer Night, Summer Breeze, & Saturday Nights in the ParkMy Profile

  2. Stacy: The $25 GC is with Callie now. For mine you can just put GRAND PRIZE! They’ll see it when they hop over! ARE YOU HAVING GIRLFRIEND? Hold down the fort for me I’m off to the doctor’s. Thanks for rockin’ with me from day one we been together! YOU GET A BOOB CRUSHIN HUG FROM ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU’RE DUH BEST AND MAN CAN YOU ROCK COUNTRY STYLE – YOU DUH BEST!!!!!!!! WOO HOO Seriously thank you from the bottom of my heart! 🙂
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  3. Oh I love that one Pontoon! that is us during the summer… at least when I was growing up. And I can remember a different Alan Jackson when I was younger that we played all the time…. it will bug me all night that I cannot remember the name right now. gggrrr.
    Awesome tunes and woot woot for the 200th celebration!
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