Out here since school starts after Labor Day (instead of the middle of August like it did in PA), the last day of school was just last week – Wednesday the 18th for Little Dude, Thursday the 19th for Princess Nagger.

Luckily it doesn’t seem to bother Princess Nagger that the schools out here get out so ‘late’ compared to her old school in PA. She’s much happier about it starting 2 weeks later.  It’s all about perspective.

One thing that’s always amazed me is the changes in kids from the first day of school to the last – and just solidifies not only does time fly by way too fast, but they grow too fast, too.

Princess Nagger’s first day of Fifth Grade September 4, 2013:


Princess Nagger Last Day of 5th Grade, June 19, 2014:



We tried to find the same shirt she was wearing on the first day, but it’s buried in a box after the move. She is wearing the same jeans, but they turned into high-waters and she blew out the knees over the school year, so I cut and cuffed them into shorts instead.

She opted to wear her boots instead of tennis shoes, because she neglected to tell me that her feet outgrew the tennis shoes.

And now on to Little Dude – first day of Kindergarten, September 6, 2013:


Little Dude’s last day of Kindergarten, June 18, 2014:


After a year of school under his belt, he looks less like a deer caught in the headlights. Since I was in a hurry to get both kids to their respective schools, I didn’t notice while I was snapping pictures that Little Dude appeared to be grabbing at his crotch – you know, like a ‘dude move’.

I found out later he was messing with his zipper because it wasn’t zipped. I’m totally going to use these pictures as blackmail fodder when he reaches dating age.

Notice his shirt is borderline too small as evidenced by the sleeves being a tad short – sharp contrast to it being a little too big the first day of school. Both the shoes and pants he was wearing for his first day he totally outgrew.

In fact, he blew out those brand new tennis shoes and came home with them duct taped by a teacher over the winter:


Proof positive he’s all boy.

It seems someone has mistaken the ‘pause’ button with the ‘fast-forward’ button instead.



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  1. I am totally convinced Mister Linky does not like me hehehehe
    Lil Dude is such a cutie pie! Just look at that smile when he’s fixing his pants. SIXTH GRADE??? OH MY GOSH! She’s getting old! We’re not of course… 🙂 Have a great day!
    XmasDolly would like you to read ..Happy Summer! WWMy Profile

  2. Heeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy ole’friend. Remember me??? the former Hanging with Mrs. Cooper. Just found your blog and OMG!!!! She’s in 5th grade?????? She has grown. And you’ve adopted???? I have soooo much catching up to do and look forward to it. I just can’t even believe how much she has grown and beautiful like her mother. Good to see you again.
    All Talk Entertainment would like you to read ..Up Close and PersonalMy Profile

  3. Your kids sure do get out of school late. We’ve been out of school for almost a month, and I go back July 28th to plan for the start of school, which is a week after that.
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