For a state that’s supposed to rain all the time, we’ve been having fantabulous weather for I don’t know how many days straight! HA! My hubby finally understands why I’ve been wanting to return ‘home’ to where I grew up. There really is no comparison.

Well, unless the option would have been to buy a private island in the Caribbean to live on, I totally would have been on board with that. Like the Hassel Island Estate:


Only $7,600,000.00! I’ll keep dreaming. My sock drawer change needs to build up a little more first. Especially since I don’t keep change in my sock drawer. Maybe I should start.

Or even better, a winery villa in Italy would be cool:


Naturally it’s surrounded by wine vineyards and olive orchards, so I’d be in seventh heaven.

Speaking of seventh heaven… The hubby traded his BMW 1-series for a brand new Dodge Dart. While it seems that he’d be trading down, it’s actually a pretty sweet car (and gets twice the gas mileage the BMW used to get).

They’ve come a long  way compared to the boxy clunkers they used to be when I was in Driver’s Ed:


Isn’t that pretty? It also has wicked-cool technology that makes it even cooler. I’m not really a Dodge fan, but I like the hubby’s new car.

My Hyundai Santa Fe is starting to rack up the miles, so we’re talking about trading it in to not only have more improved gas mileage, but the same sort of cool technology they hubby’s car has (and any new car, really). You know, because cool technology is the most important aspect, right?

I probably don’t want to get something this crazy:


That’s hysterical, but impractical for my needs. Anyone driving a compact or crossover SUV they absolutely love? 

Speaking of love… I love this:


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  1. No real recommendations on cars here. I want a new car, but we are thinking bigger SUV–we have growing boys and they aren’t going to fit in the small SUV we have now forever.
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