Diminishing Innocence of Youth – Still Looking for the ‘Pause’ Button

Today is Nagger’s last day of school, last day of 5th Grade. Where has the time gone?!

Since she is going to a school where ‘Elementary’ is through 6th Grade (like it was when I was a kid, vs. the 4 schools for primary they seem to have now), next year will be her last ‘elementary’ year.

After that, all hope is lost because she’ll be starting Jr. High.

OK, so that’s not really a true statement – the ‘all hope is lost’ statement, and if you know me, you know I wrote that tongue-in-cheek. And Nagger has stated “I better enjoy that last year, because after that it gets serious!”

It seems like yesterday  she was at this point here:


by way too fast, if you ask me.

As I was hunting down the above picture, I thought it funny that there was a similar one (as in strolling away) during the first months of this now-ending school year:


I’ll have to make sure I take a butt shot – I mean a similar one – when she’s heading off to college in 7 years. Bet she’d appreciate that, eh? 

You know there’s a diminishing innocence of youth when your 5th grader brings this  home after watching the videos (you know which one I’m talking about – they watched the girls and boys video together, then were separated out for questions…no one had any questions, by the way):


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again (and again and again) – by way too fast.

Anyone find that ‘pause’ button, yet?


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6 thoughts on “Diminishing Innocence of Youth – Still Looking for the ‘Pause’ Button

  1. Turbo heads to 6th grade next year too, only his is at the junior high/middle school/ what ever you want to call it. They are shifting the middle school to 6th/7th/8th grade and putting the 9th graders at the high school here. Which, for me, seems normal. It’s what I grew up with but seems strange to Nick as he only had 10-12 at the high school and 6th graders still went to elementary school.
    They do grow up far to fast. And the fact that girls grow faster than boys at this age was made abundantly clear–most of the girls in Turbo’s class tower over the boys.

    • We have this system here and the boys love it! while they seem so small in 6? compared to growth spurt 8’s it’s a great split for my guys.

  2. I sure didn’t find it yet and somehow my kids have gotten to the ages of 13, 18 and 21!! I only have one left in school! What on earth?!?!
    If you lived here 5th grade would be the last year for elementary school. We only have 3 schools but elementary ends at 5th grade, and then we call it middle school which is 6th 7th and 8th grades. It’s been like that forever here. Next year is my BABY’S last year of middle school. But I don’t want to think about that right now as my middle child just graduated high school. Waaahhh!

  3. I can’t find the pause button at all! My littlest came home with a “have fun in grade 4!” too fast! I just got him move to the big side of the playground why must he go and fit in? I’m just now aiting for Middle who will if we cross our fingers really hard and pray pass french enough to go to G8 which is the last of Middle School year. Oldest is in G10 now, ACK! where oh where is that pause button,, freeze spray. Frozen where are you?

  4. Wonderful pics my friend, and no I’m sorry. I have not found that pause button, but if you find it may I borrow it too? Personally I’m looking for that reverse shift! ~snicker-snicker~ PN was such a beautiful baby girl, but she sure hasn’t changed much at all! hugszzz