Princess Nagger had early exposure to technology, inundated with me always doing something on my laptop and all. She had her first real laptop at the age of four (an upgrade from the toy laptop she had prior), when I gave her my hand-me-down after I upgraded mine.

Of course I took steps to ensure her safety, with (excessively) high security measures, and making sure she only had access to a few select (and safe for kids) websites geared towards kids and of the educational variety.


As she got older, her interests have expanded (as has her collection of technology items), but I still make sure she remains safe, lecturing… I mean keeping an open dialogue – about being extra careful on what sites she visits and who she interacts with online.

It’s a never ending worry cycle.


That’s why I’m happy that the BGCA has set up a Cyber Safety site for parents to answer all your questions and help you protect your child.

Are you savvy about what kids are doing online? You can find out by taking the Cyber Smart Quiz, then go to their resources to learn more about cyber-bullying, social networks, mobile tech and online privacy and how it affects your child.

I took the quiz, and I’m happy to report I’m a CyberSurvivor:


If you’ve ever wondered how many kids today are being cyber-bullied or harassed online, or wondered how many children under the age of 10 are on Facebook (the legal age to be on Facebook is 13), or even how many texts teens send in a month (I’m not looking forward to when Princess Nagger gets into phone and text mode), check out BGCA’s Cyber Safety site for parents and find out.

Each section has a short video that will answer just about any question you may have, as well as provide great tips for parents, with resources to utilize.


I really liked the Parent Resources section – you can find specific tips for parents to help guide your kids to protect themselves. As an example, Princess Nagger likes to play Minecraft online with her friends, as well as a couple of other games that enhance the play mode with fun peer interaction. I limit her participation to just  her known friends, and we’ve talked extensively about not using her real name (even in a username), and definitely not to ever  share any personal information.

When Little Dude gets old enough to participate in the same sort of thing, that discussion will take place once again. Multiple times if need be. The “Online Privacy” guide has questions to help you determine limits, and how to share them with your kids – there are some great suggestions in there.

Got pressing questions about Cyber Safety? Their CyberTribe of expert teens is on call to respond. You ask, they answer. Just go to “Ask the Cyber Tribe”, type in your question, fill out your information (just the basics – First Name, Last initial, City, and State) and click “Submit.” After you submit your question, you can enter for a chance to win an iPad Mini and $500 to a local Boys & Girls Club of your choice! 

How do you make sure your kids are Cyber Safe?





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