My feud with Mother Nature has finally dissipated, considering we have been blessed with the best weather you could possibly ask for the last week. Sure, there’s rain in the forecast for later this week, but I’m good, I’ve been enjoying the beautiful sunny (and not humid) weather.

And hopefully now that I’ve said that, Mother Nature won’t be all “Oh there you are! I’ve been looking for you!” and start annoying me again.

Meanwhile, let’s have some fun with freebie week, shall we? It’s no secret I’m a country music fan, but I do have an eclectic taste in music and like to listen to all sorts of music to keep it interesting. This week, however, I’m a Country Girl since I had too many New Country songs to share. My apologies to those of you who aren’t fans of this genre. Give a listen anyway, you might find something you like.

Let’s start off with one my favorite trio’s – this particular song is about a brokenhearted woman washing her former lover’s memory away with whiskey on a wild girls’ night out. Anyone else ever do that? *raises hand*  Well, except for the whiskey part – spiced rum and coke for me. At any rate, the artists thought it would be cool to capture what feels like a fun track where the lyrics are a little darker.

The lead singer has stated that as a female, she loves the fact that it’s not a song about her saying “My hearts been broken, it’s so sad, he did me wrong”. It’s also not about going and rebounding with some other guy – she’s just going out with her friends and having a night to forget about what this dude just did to her. Taking the reins in a situation and ‘getting over it’ in a fun way. Been there, done that!


Here’s Lady Antebellum with “Bartender”:

Next up we switch over to the guy  who’s left standing at the altar, but finds the strength to forge ahead on a solo trip to Cancun. The album this song is on was written and recorded the year following the death of the artist’s father – the songs chosen for the record tell of the ups and downs the singer went through, ranging from the loss of his dad to the birth of his third child.

The video’s kind of crazy, but the artist loves flying (even has his own pilot’s license) and thought doing a crazy fun video for this song was the perfect choice.


Here’s the (crazy but cute) Dierks Bentley with “Drunk On A Plane”:

Next up is an artist whose latest album is comprised of songs he’d written from 10 years ago until now – he saved those songs over the years (approximately one a year) until they would all fit together well on one album. It’s all about timing, really.

This is the third single released by this artist, and puts yet another tack on the issue, as a sort of anti-bro-country approach: “This ain’t about tailgates / Ain’t about bonfires / Ain’t about souped-up cars, water towers / Or drowning in a bottle of Jack.”

Face it, pickup trucks, tailgates, back roads, bonfires and alcohol – lately that seems to be the common theme with any commercial country song you hear, right? Seems they’ve been obsessed with a handful of topics for several years. But it keeps working, and writers keep finding new ways to write about those topics — or to use them as a starting place to talk about something else. Hence the different approach by this artist.

It’s a song about a girl, which is that to which all those songs that use the clichés are ultimately leading.


Here’s the inimitable Eric Paslay with “Song About A Girl”:

Next up is an artist who is right up there in favorites as my boy, Brad Paisley is. In this song the artist is assisted with the vocals by ‘The Voice’ contestant, Gwen Sebastian – not a true duet since she never takes lead, but their chemistry helps make the single bigger than one man’s randy ramblings.

“Come a little closer, come a little closer / Come a little closer, girl the way you look tonight / My eyes are the only thing I don’t wanna take off of you”  I love it – that lyric alone should earn the song some award consideration.


Here’s Blake Shelton (featuring Gwen Sebastian) with “My Eyes”:

Last, but certainly not least, is a new traditional-flavored duet by this husband and wife duo that are stars by their own right. I love it when they collaborate on a song together. This particular song is, in some ways, a metaphor for what’s happening in country music. There’s a lot to take in on a day-to-day basis. Flash and thunder steal the show – then a song like this comes along and hits the reset button.

This song from the artist’s upcoming album has just been released to radio – no doubt rushed there after an awesome performance at the 2014 ACM Awards.

The opening lyrics “Runnin’ round in this new truck / Bank lets me borrow from month to month / I’m runnin’ out of credit, find a little Cash on the radio”

to the chorus “Meanwhile back at Mama’s / The porch light’s on, come on in if you wanna / Supper’s on the stove and beer’s in the fridge / Red sun sinkin’ out low on the ridge”

The two together have never missed – each song they record together feels like a gift. They’re strategic when they share a studio together, never doing so when the time and song isn’t right. The chorus of this song is a sing-along with familial roots, it just wouldn’t be right to have someone other than his wife sing the duet with him.


Here’s the ever handsome Tim McGraw featuring the ever beautiful Faith Hill with “Meanwhile Back At Mama’s”:

Fun Tidbit:  After these two sang this duet in front of tens of thousands of people at the Country Music Association Festival in Nashville on June 5th, Tim McGraw couldn’t keep his hands off his beautiful wife of 17 years and grabbed her in a kiss – thwarting the never-ending gossip about their marriage being in trouble. I’m betting this will put those to rest at least for this week:


Now that’s  how you end a duet. 

And that’s a wrap – have a great Monday!


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  1. OH YEAH! You are really smokin’ today my friend. Blake’s got a new one or am I livin’ under a rock again? Luvin’ them all though that’s for sure. I like the one getting drunk on a plane… that video is too cool. hehehe YOU ROCKED THE HOUSE ONCE AGAIN! hugzzzzz
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  2. Aww, I love Tim McGraw and Faith Hill too. I love heartbreak songs and I guess whiskey is what fuels the fires, hahahaha. I’m a recent fan of Blake’s too. Great line up and great songs, thanks. Hope the weather is better for you this week. Regardless, keep movin’ with the music.
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  3. Oh my… I got so much for Tim McGraw…. the struggle is real!! haha
    but she is a fantastic and inspirational lady as well and it is wonderful to see a man not shy to show his love for his women in front of the world. THAT is so sexy.
    All new music for me…. and that’s why I love this hop.
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