Revolution Foods Meal Kits: Quick and Easy – and Healthy! (#mc sponsored)

The school rush each morning is particularly crazy what with the kids going to two different school districts this year, and me getting acclimated to spending a lot of time in my car driving them to and from school. There … Continue reading

Be Smart – Be #CyberSafe Smart! Keep Our Kids Safe! (#CyberTribe #mc sponsored)

Princess Nagger had early exposure to technology, inundated with me always doing something on my laptop and all. She had her first real laptop at the age of four (an upgrade from the toy laptop she had prior), when I gave … Continue reading

Summer is coming! It’s a great time to #DiscoverBoating! (#mc sponsored)

Summer is right around the corner – and in some parts of the country, it’s already here! Well, if you count the gorgeous  sunny weather we’ve been blessed with lately here in the Pacific Northwest. I sure do! One of … Continue reading

Not Just For Kids – Vitafusion Gummies for Adults, too! (#sponsored #healthyfusion #mc)

I take a daily multiple vitamin every morning as part of my usual morning routine. Of course, some days it’s on the fly, particularly on those days the kids are dragging their feet getting ready for school, or conveniently ‘forgot’ … Continue reading

HBO’s True Detective Season 1 on DVD @BestBuy! (@BestBuyWOLF #HBOatBestBuy)

True Detective Season 1 is out on DVD.  I had seen previews, but sadly we don’t have HBO (actually, we cut the cable cord when we moved into our new house – it’s been nice saving all that money, but … Continue reading