I’m a no-nonsense shopper. Meaning, I don’t derive any pleasure from browsing every aisle and look at everything  like a lot of people do, my older sister included.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good ‘girls day out’ shopping excursion now and again, and especially if it means I’m in the company of good friends or family members. But when I’m by myself? I’m a power shopper – get in, get what you’re there for, and get out.

When it comes to bathing suit shopping? Definitely solo power shopping All. The. Way.

No way  am I going to subject any of my friends or family members with the dreaded swimsuit wars, hearing the occasional curse word during the not-so-pretty acrobatics in the dressing room attempting to wrestle the scraps of material and rubber bands disguised as bathing suits onto a so-not-ready-for-bathing-suit-weather body just coming out of hibernation.

I value my friends and family and don’t want to send them running and screaming in horror. Or scare them off by my  screams off horror.

Usually I’ll go shopping for bathing suits on the sly – sort of peruse the aisles where they’re located, and casually look them over with a critically discerning eye – if the style looks like it might be a complimentary style to my sad sack shape, I’ll buy them and take them home to try on in the comfort of my own much-less-scary-lighting bathroom, and if I pick out a winner, score!  If not, they go back to the store and no one’s the wiser.

Shopping online for bathing suits can be tricky – though I have found, with the excessive abundance of boobage that I happen to sport, more often than not the suits I find online are a better fit and style-wise than the off-the-rack versions. So when I heard about, I was intrigued.


They even have a handy dandy ‘for your shape’ selection tool: Swimwear For Your Shape

The problem I have (and I’m sure many women have the same issue) is that when I find a cute suit that I like, it may fit in one area but not the other. Ahem.

That’s where comes into play, since you can choose from a broader range of sizes – cup sizes range from AA-GG, and styles vary from classic one-piece swimsuits, to fashion-forward bikinis, to chic tankinis – meaning that Figleaves truly has something for every body.

Of the select styles I got to choose from, I opted for the Sophina because of its classic shape and color – and it looks like it’ll highlight the ‘good’ areas while downplaying the not-so-good areas:


Isn’t that cute? Once I get back down to my fighting weight, I can maybe go with a two-piece again. For now, that mess is best hidden with a cute one-piece!

I’m really glad I chose this one – at first I was worried it might be too small, and I didn’t want to scare anyone, but while it hugs your curves it does a really nice job of making you look slimmer. The Sophina is made from super soft luxurious Italian fabric – and I love the alternating colors on the bodice, since it enhances my boobs and downplays the problem areas.

The strap that goes around your neck is removable, so you can wear it with or without – I’ll definitley be wearing it with the strap when chasing around my rambunctious 5 year old so as not to have a critical wardrobe malfunction. Ahem.

You can purchase the Sophina for $97 on While that may seem a little pricey for a swimsuit, this is definitely worth the investment to be comfy and stylish, while have it last a long time. There are over 200+ designers available, so you will definitely be able to find something you like to be stylish for summer play.

From now until June 15th you can Save 10%:

Promo code: LOVE2014 – to be entered at checkout
Details: 10% off all full priced items on

Have you started the dreaded swimsuit shopping yet? What’s your favorite style?





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