New Favorite Comfy & Stylish Runaround Shoes: Reebok Skyscape (#sponsored #mc)



My name is Stacy, and I’m a shoe-aholic. If there’s anything I’m indulgent on (besides wine), it’s shoes. I tend to coordinate my outfit with my shoes, so I don’t limit my selection to just the basics. High heels, low heels, wedges, sandals, sneakers, boots and flip-flops – my closet boasts a nice variety of them all.

Some of them tend to trade in comfort for style, so when I’m doing my running around, I’ll stick with my comfortable but not-so- shoes. I’ve been needing to get some new comfy shoes, though, because the three pair I own have seen much better days, and when I wear them when running around all day, I pay the price with foot pain that prohibits me from getting a good night’s rest.

Mama needs a good night’s rest.

And then I discovered the new Reebok Skyscape shoes.  Weighing less than five ounces, these everyday shoes feature a foam design that create a soft, comfortable envelope around the top and sides of the foot. Like walking barefoot on a pile of feathers:


These are available in a variety of , it was so hard to choose which ones to order:


The only colors available in my size that I liked were the black or pink. I opted for the black, since they go with everything – remember, I like to color coordinate my outfit with my shoes. After wearing these and falling in with them, I have since placed an order for a pink pair just for .

I could not wait  to get these shoes – I had to order them online, since they were nowhere to be found in my local store. I hadn’t realized how bad my old shoes had gotten until I got these – my feet would kill  me after a day of running around in shoes that had seen better days.

When the Reebok Skyscapes arrived, I could tell a huge difference even just taking them out of the box – there’s practically no weight to them at all!


The test to see how my feet liked them was on,  and I was not disappointed. In addition to being extremely lightweight, they are very  comfortable – my feet loved them the minute I put them on.

I’m constantly on the go, so I’m not able to be barefoot all the time like I’d prefer, but wearing these shoes all day while I’m running around was like walking on clouds, they’re that  comfortable. And no residual foot pain at the end of the day… Score!


Along with being extremely comfortable, these shoes are very stylish. They seem to run true to size (which is a good thing), since sometimes if they look on the narrow side (like these do) I have to order a half size up – but even with my wide feet my ‘normal’ size was a perfect fit, no sizing up!

I love that they are truly machine washable – I’ve washed other shoes of this type before with varying results, both good and bad. I’m looking forward to the results with these shoes as being of the good vein.


Wondering where you can find a pair?  Some select Kohls stores carry them, and you can also find them at Kohls online like I did.


I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for comfort and style!

Do you have a pair of favorite ‘runaround’ shoes?





Note: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Reebok. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating. As usual, all opinions are my own and not influenced by outside sources. See my here.

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