I forgot to share the Mother’s Day card that Princess Nagger made me. Better late than never, right? It was twice the size of a normal sheet of paper, so I had to take pictures of it rather than try to scan it in my scanner, so apologies if it isn’t as clear as it could be:


Isn’t that cute? The inside really cracked me up, though:


It says:

“I know
I’m crazy
have crazy obsessions
with crazy things…

But I love you

I love you more than anything.

(and I’m glad you’re alive. Unlike Talon’s mom who died last week)”

Here’s a little closer shot to see a bit better:


That whole “I’m glad you’re alive” bit made me laugh. Apparently “Talon” is a cat character in a book – so no worries about someone’s mom actually dying ‘last week’. Here’s what the back of the card looks like:


And yes, that does indeed say “I’m Supah Mans!”

I sure love that kid.

What kind of crazy and/or memorable cards have you gotten from your kids?



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  1. What a budding artist you have there! And also such a creative inscription. So cute. That’s a keeper. My boys are 5 & 2, so I’m still getting lots of scribbles and crooked letters, which I love.

  2. Love that card! I don’t have kids (except the furry kind) so I can only say what kind of cards I give/gave my mom. One year in lieu of a card, I recorded a full-length “concert” of me singing her favorite songs and ending with “The Wind Beneath My Wings,” lol.
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  3. DD#2 made me a card that looked like a small package with a little note inside. She always tried to out do her big sister and baby brother. What a silly child! I think PN did a fabulous job with your M’Day card. It’s totally an original. You just can’t buy anything like this ~ so precious!
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  4. Hanging in my office (I’m looking at it right now) is a poem written to me for Mother’s Day when he was in the 5th grade:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Chips are sweet
    And so are you.

    You bring Spring showers
    You bring May flowers
    You bring July’s fireworks
    You bring love
    You bring sunshine
    You bring chips.

    When I die, I want whatever plaque or memorial my family may have for me to read, “She brought chips.”

  5. It’s so terribly touching. Our kids are always so sincere and we should learn from them how to show our feelings and emotions.

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