Whenever I take a certain route, I get to pass by a house that is always pristine looking – the grass is always cut, it has cool landscaping in the front yard.

There are two pine trees that catch my eye, they’re not ‘normal’ as they bend and twist making me think of Dr. Seuss characters:


You can’t really see the full effect in that picture, too many shadows as the sun isn’t as high in the sky.

Here’s a better picture to see the whole effect – though a tad blurry since it’s really difficult to snap pictures as a drive-by on your phone. One of these days I should just go park and take pictures when I’m not in such a hurry:


But that gives you a better idea of how cool the yard at this house looks like from a different day – and with those two funky pine trees, I keep referring it to the Dr. Seuss House.

I need to find out what kind of pine trees those are – I want to plant some in my yard. Then I can be like Dr. Seuss, too.

Anyone have any clue what kind of trees those are?



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  1. On my way to take my car in for an oil change and fixing of a slow leak. grrrrr hate those! WOO HOO Your button works on my blog finally! So love your post… and come over to see my new grandson if you have time. 🙂 Going to send an email later regarding 4M’s 200th wk anniversary. Sorry I cannot leave a better comment on your Post, but gotta fly! HUGS TO YOUR BEE BEES!!!!! You too of course! Hugzzzzzzzzz
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  2. I’m thinking those may be trees that were grown to look like that – there are a bunch of such trees at a park in Gilroy CA, and I have seen bushes / small trees that were “bonsai’d” for sale in several locations in the town where I live.

    Happy WW!
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