If you’re a Once Upon A Time fan like both Princess Nagger and I are, you’ll understand this. On Monday’s, Princess Nagger gets to ride with me while I go drop Little Dude off at school, since it’s her ‘late’ day, when she starts an hour later than the rest of the week.

Whenever we see this particular vehicle parked, we always exclaim something to the effect of “We’re in Storybrooke!” or “Emma’s here!” because of this:


Sure, it’s a newer model than the one she actually drives, but it’s yellow, so that counts, right? Here’s her yellow bug in Storybrooke:


And here’s Emma Swan:


If you’re a House, M.D. fan, you’ll recognize her as Dr. Allison Cameron during the first six seasons of the show. She’s come a long way!

Both Princess Nagger and I are hoping she finally ends up with Captain Hook because, I mean, c’mon:


Plus they definitely  have chemistry:


Are you a Once Upon A Time fan?



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  1. I’m still hoping they’ll find a way to bring back Neal. I’m super excited for the season finale (it’s 2 hours!), but also sad, because we won’t have any more Once Upon A Time until the fall.

  2. I am not a fan of Once Upon a Time–simply because I haven’t watched it. It might be one I need to find though.
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  3. I got my pic up last week but no luck this week. Oh well, I loved House, MD, but we don’t get it anymore over here. Well, at least I don’t think so. Dave & I haven’t watched TV in like forever. I love the idea of once upon a time, but never had the opportunity to watch it. I’m so happy for you that you’re in your new home & everything is running on a smooth course. Is PN making friends and Lil’ Dude too? How about you? Are you doing well with the neighbors? I hope so. You so deserve it. You’re such a wonderful Mom/Wife. Oh & the hubby has he found a new band yet? Dave has folded his band. It’s just not working & without a job he is soooooo bummed. I feel so bad for him. Oh my I’m rambling sorry! I love Ms Swan. & love the pics you posted. Thanks for having me. We’ll have to do this again some time. hehehe Putting your Wednes. button back up 🙂
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  4. Okay, I need a little help here. I took down your button while you were in hiatus and now I cannot get it back up. I took the html & it’s not showing up HELP!
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