My sanity level is somewhere between a critical deficit and… Nope, just at a critical deficit. Something has gotten into Princess Nagger – usually she’s content to read her books, or play Minecraft, or watch Minecraft videos, or go out in the backyard and spin around on the swing.

But today? She’s been interrupting me every five minutes.  Makes it hard to concentrate when trying to write a blog post. Once your thought process is derailed, you’re pretty much done.

At least that’s how I am. I love her dearly, but now that she’s stuck on an obsession with Pokemon (just an added obsession, mind you – Warrior Cats, Minecraft, Spore, My Little Pony, dinosaurs, dragons, Fullmetal Alchemist, anything in a foreign language that she can’t read (and that language part she added as I’m sitting her typing with her watching over my shoulder…interrupting me yet again).

And yet, when I happen to interrupt her,  this is the reaction I get:


I’m thinking I need to return the favor – maybe she’ll get the hint with a ‘look’. Or I need a vacation, STAT.

Or a padded room with a view. For her or me, whichever works best.

Good thing this is supposed to be random, because random will undoubtedly be an understatement.

The hubby traded in his beloved BMW and bought a brand spankin’ new Dodge Dart over the weekend:


They sure have changed their looks drastically since the Driver’s Ed days, haven’t they? I’m personally not a Dodge fan, but the technology and stereo package with the hubby’s new car (and pretty much all of their newer ones) are sweet.

He decided it was time to get something that wouldn’t make him subject to stopping at a gas station practically every day, and this will do the trick. We’ll be doing the same with my Hyundai Santa Fe in the not-too-distant future, since getting only 16 miles to the gallon city driving is not acceptable.

Better gas mileage is a must – but I do still want to stick with a compact SUV or Crossover SUV, since I love the convenience and sitting perched higher up than a regular car. I like the visibility better.

Do any of you drive a compact SUV or Crossover SUV that you absolutely love? I’d love your input on what I should look at – the hubby is off work at the end of the week, so we figure we’ll go out and test drive some to see what might work for me.

I saw this adorable picture floating around on Facebook recently, and it totally cracked me up:


That’s a wrap for this week – you know the drill, link up and join in the fun, everyone is welcome – random or not. Be sure to visit your fellow randomizers so they don’t feel so lonely.



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  1. I drive a Honda Element and though it only seats four, I love it. My mileage is something like 26/29. Sadly, they stopped making it but you can get them at a good price. And fit a lot of stuff it in!

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