The weather has been turning absolutely fabulous – the hubby is finally convinced that I wasn’t telling him fantastical stories about how the weather is here in the Pacific Northwest, especially after the extra rainy winter we had here.  

Though I did remind him that he should be thankful it was just rain, since our old house in Pennsylvania was buried in snow over the winter instead.

Now that spring is here, the weather has been turning into beautiful sunny days where the kids are able to truly enjoy the playset that came with our new house.

Princess Nagger loves to play on the swing, especially draped across on her belly and twisting the chain as tight as possible to spin until she’s dizzy.  I keep teasing her telling her she’s being a dizzy blonde:



She also like to stand back, then race over to the swing and launch herself to see how high she can get – still on her belly, of course:


Little Dude is a little less daring – though climbing up the rock wall or the ladder to get to the slide is probably daring enough for a six year old in his mind:


How’s spring shaping up in your neck of the woods?



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  1. OMG THE ONE time I pick just any picture it comes up. I don’t get it. Anyway, look at PN having a good time. Wait for me girly girl looks like fun! Woo Hoo Thanks for sharing.
    XmasDolly would like you to read ..Hello Spring! WWMy Profile

  2. I used to do the dizzy thing on the swing. That is until I got up, started walking, fell into the metal swing set pole and broke my collar bone. Now I look back and laugh. Then I was in tears.
    Alissa Apel would like you to read ..WW: Yellow SubmarineMy Profile

  3. I keep saying you need to come east for a few days. Especially, if you are looking for sunshine.

  4. The kids are surely enjoying their backyard activities. I love your place.

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