I hope those that celebrate Easter had a great one, and those that don’t at least had a great weekend.  The weather has (mostly) been cooperating this spring so far – the hubby was getting a little irritated at all the rain over the winter, but I reminded him that at least we escaped the excessive snow our old house was dealt this past winter.  

I personally would take snow over incessant rain, but that’s just me.  Of course I had to tease some of my snowy friends about the possibility of a snowy Easter with this image that was floating around Facebook:


Speaking of Easter eggs…  Every year it’s hit-or-miss that I remember to boil eggs early enough to do the annual Easter egg coloring – one year I posted my Mom Fail:


But this year not only did I remember to buy enough eggs for coloring, I actually boiled them early enough to do the whole Easter egg coloring well before bedtime.  Apparently Blackspot was interested in coloring Easter eggs, too, as he decided to check the water (read: drink) some of the eggs were cooling off in:


Tomorrow I’ll post all the Easter egg fun for your perusal.  I know, I’m always making you wait for the good stuff.

Speaking of good stuff…  If you follow me in Instagram or Facebook, I posted about these confetti eggs that had me scratching my head on why anyone would subject themselves to the subsequent mess they’d produce:


Some great people educated me on the fact that these are actually a tradition for some people, called Cascarones and having cascarón broken over one’s head is said to bring good luck.  

Always one for being adventurous and trying new things, naturally I went back to the store I first saw them and bought some the very next day.  I didn’t put them out on Easter, though, I’ve got them hidden in the pantry for a ‘just in case’ future surprise.

I’ll let you know if they bring any good luck.

Speaking of good luck…  I would consider it good luck if I were to end up on this flight attendant’s flight:

I love it when flight attendant’s make the oh-so-boring safety features so much more interesting and entertaining.

Speaking of entertaining…  Princess Nagger and I were perusing a funny site this weekend and ran across this:


I’ll let you mull over the comment that was left on that image.

That’s a wrap for this week – you know the drill, link up and join in the fun, everyone is welcome – random or not. Be sure to visit your fellow randomizers so they don’t feel so lonely.



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  1. Oh, Nikita, you’re just a prime candidate for a rocket surgeon PhD, aren’t you?

    Those confetti eggs are a huge tradition in Hispanic households at Easter. When my ex and I were married, we loved the annual Easter egg hunt his (huge and extended) family held every year – at least one very small child would smack another on the head with a hard-boiled egg.
    Jan’s Sushi Bar would like you to read ..Red Onion JamMy Profile

  2. We usually have not so great weather for Easter, so outside hunts are a bad idea.
    As to the confetti eggs–my boys would love them, but cleaning up after sounds like a pain in the butt.
    I’ve found that stupid people abound anymore and people will believe anything if it’s online–it must be the truth, right?
    VandyJ would like you to read ..Randomly RandomMy Profile

  3. We didn’t actually have an snow on the ground for Easter, but it’s been cold enough to snow the past few days. I’m soooo sick of this cold weather.

    I would avoid those confetti eggs like the plague. All I need is to clean up that mess. With my luck the cats would roll in it and be covered with confetti. All I can say is that you are a nicer mom than I am!
    Elle would like you to read ..Sleep Blogging and Zombie Rabbits Means it’s Time to be RandomMy Profile

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