Last week was the hubby’s birthday, and as luck would have it, Princess Nagger was on Spring Break so she wanted to make him a cake.  His favorite is German Chocolate, so after we dropped Little Dude off at school, we headed off to get the ingredients.  

Of course the cake needed to be decorated, so we were brainstorming on what ‘theme’ this cake should be.  Because when you’re eleven, everyone needs a ‘theme’ for their birthday cake, right?

Of course, Princess Nagger being the mischievous one (kinda like her Mama), alighted on the perfect ‘theme’ of decorations.  And so it was:


Horses and more horses!  What’s the story about horses, you ask?  I’m glad you did!  Apparently, the hubby is not a fan of horses, because when he was a kid visiting some friends with horses, he gave a horse a treat of sugar cubes.  

Unfortunately (for him) the friends neglected to explain to his small child self that you don’t feed the horse a sugar cube from your finger tips, you feed it to them from your open palm.  After all, those horse teeth get in the way of picking up those small squares.

As you can imagine, those horse teeth bit his little fingers.

Ever since then, he’s assumed that horses are mean creatures – he’s even asked things like “What sound does a horse make before they attack?” and “Why are they whipping their tails all the time?” and will even lock his car door as we drive past a pasture full of horses just in case they “jump the fence to attack”.

Yes, I know, let it out, I know you are going to laugh if you aren’t already.

Ever since Princess Nagger found out about this malady of the hubby’s, she’s made it her personal mission to convince him that horses are cool. Hence the idea for the ‘theme’ of the cake.  So we hunted in the cake decorating aisles to no avail, and found our little horsey treasures in the toy section.  

Since he does think hippopotamus are cool, we naturally had to pick one of those up too – and the one we found looks like he’s intimidating the main horse on the cake thusly:


We figured that might aid him in not being annoyed by his horse cake.  

Of course Princess Nagger accidentally added 10 years to the hubby, because we picked up the numbered candles to denote his actual birthday age, but she wanted to get some of those relighting candles to make it even more annoying fun.  Pay no attention to the extra 10 candles on the cake:


Since his birthday happens to fall the day after April Fool’s, it was fitting. A few days later, we were honored to be invited to celebrate this little cutie patootie’s third birthday:


I sure wish Slon of A Mom In High Heels would start blogging regular again! (hint, hint!!)  She’s always so much fun to talk to, and this weekend’s visit was no different.  Plus, I told her the horse story, so she made a special cupcake for the hubby in honor of his birthday:


Sugar cubes – get it?  I love her.  Thankfully the hubby is a great sport and rolled with all the merriment:


And he wasn’t a “neigh-sayer” about the whole horse thing.



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  1. That was so much fun! I’m thinking about blogging again, but those 5 years of photos that got eaten by Google+ (I hate you with the heat of a thousand suns, Google+) just depress me and make me not want to blog. Maybe one day soon. Can’t wait to see you guys again. Maybe we should go horseback riding. 😉
    Mom in High Heels would like you to read ..Cruise: TurkeyMy Profile

  2. Hmmm….and I thought I could take comfort in the fact that hooves would make it hard to open an unlocked car door, but I guess you can never be too cautious! 😉

    Hey, I remember that blogger!
    Andrea would like you to read ..H is for…My Profile

  3. Okay, I gotta ask what kind of cake is that? So, hubby did hubby try feeding the horses again? I think not! But oh no, his guitar pickin’ fingers? That’s awful. Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR FAVORITE DUDE! YOU’RE SUCH A GOOD WIFE NOT TO MENTION MOM & FRIEND! 🙂
    XmasDolly would like you to read ..Hello Spring! WWMy Profile

  4. Everyone loves to celebrate their birthday with cake which have different theme. Here in this blog, the horse theme cake is looking so yummy. In general kids will like as well as love these kind of fun. Anyhow I’m impressed with your horse cake. I’ll also try this kind of stuff for my kids and hubby birthday.

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