Every year it’s hit-or-miss on whether or not we color eggs for Easter – the ‘miss’ years are usually when I forget to hard boil a bunch of eggs for coloring.  This year I wanted to make sure our first Easter in our new house that we definitely color eggs.

I boiled two-dozen eggs early Saturday morning, and while some of them were cooling in ice water, Blackspot decided to check them out and test the water for drinking:


One thing we don’t do with the festive boiled eggs is hide them for the hunt – I think the kids prefer finding plastic eggs containing candy hidden creatively rather than actual eggs hidden.  

And I don’t have to worry about if an egg or two are missed – after all, when I’m hiding eggs practically in the dark in the middle of the night, chances are I’m going to forget all the hiding places, and leaving hard boiled eggs scattered about is asking for stinky trouble in the future.  Ahem.

We decided to color the eggs right before dinner so it wouldn’t be terribly late, though everyone seemed to be tired after a long day of chasing bubbles around the backyard, and seemed to take this egg coloring business quite seriously:


Yes, there are still boxes needing to be unpacked.  It’s been a slow process, this ginormous move of ours.

After all the eggs were colored, the decorating commenced.  My first one Princess Nagger compared to Albert Einstein.  With pink glasses:


Everyone had fun creating funky characters with each of their eggs, until we had a crowd of two-dozen crazy characters lined up:


I especially love that Little Dude put two of his egg creation’s mustaches on upside down – gave his egg dudes extra character, don’t you think?  

Of course there was delicious (and in some cases colorful, thanks to some inadvertent cracks) Easter egg salad for lunch the next day.  It’s become a tradition for Easter lunch (since we do dinner at actual dinner time instead of mid-afternoon – that gives the hubby a chance to sneak in a nap).

Do you color eggs for Easter, kids or no kids?



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  1. I love your eggs!! Those are too cute! We color eggs every year and we still hide the actual eggs. Although I think the plastics eggs would be so much better. I really need to just do that.

  2. No egg-coloring at my place… I stress too much over spilling the dye and “coloring” the carpet. Besides, with a whole mess of Faberge eggs less than a half mile away, I let others do the decoration, and I just enjoy the view.

    Happy WW!
    EdT would like you to read ..(A)WW: Easter 2014My Profile

  3. Coloring Easter eggs is so much fun. I remember how i use to to do it back when i was kid, i still enjoy these moments with my kids. Easter greetings 🙂

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