#BlogHer14, Celebrating 10 Years, Is Going to be Epic in San Jose! (#sponsored)


If ’ve never been to BlogHer, you really need to go at least  once in your life – whether you’re a newbie or have been blogging forever, the interaction with other is so very important, it’s always nice to put a face to the ‘voice’ behind the computer screen.  

If we hadn’t just made our ginormous move from Pennsylvania to Washington State, I’d definitely be going this year, especially since it’s on this  coast this year!  But alas, our budget won’t allow for that expense, especially since we’re still waiting impatiently for our house to sell in PA, and we’ve just subjected ourselves to a new mortgage with our new house here in the Seattle area.

I’ll just have to vicariously through those that are attending – and the more of my own personal bloggy friends that attend, the more vicarious I can be!  Of course if anyone wants to sponsor my attendance, I’d be all over that, too. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge!*

What’s really cool is this year BlogHer is celebrating their 10th year! I so wish I could go this year, since one of my all-time favorite bloggers will be a Keynote Speaker:


That’s right – you’re not seeing things, The Bloggess herself, Jenny Lawson will be there!  I’ve had a girl crush on her forever, so it’s probably good that I can’t go this year and meet her in person, or I’d make a fool of myself tripping over nonsensical words trying to speak with her.  

Another girl-crush wish-I-could-go-to-BlogHer this year Keynote Speaker is none other than the star of one of my favorite shows, Scandal,  the gorgeous Actor and Activist, Kerry Washington:


I would kill for the opportunity to hear her speak or meet her in person. Well, OK, maybe not kill-you-dead-kill, but you know what I mean.  And I probably couldn’t sacrifice an arm, because then I wouldn’t be able to type as fast.  So I’ll just have to live vicariously through those that are going.  Le Sigh.

As if those two awesome people weren’t enough, two other amazing Keynote Speakers will be taking center stage this year, too.  Arianna Huffington (founder of Huffington Post):


And Grammy Nominated Comedian Tig Notaro:


Seriously, people – this year’s BlogHer is going to be epic,  especially with these four amazing women speaking.  And having the opportunity to network is a bonus – with fellow bloggers, with sponsors – it really is worth the ticket price and carving time out of your busy schedules to just go.  

So what are you waiting for?  Registration is still open – and there are several hotel options to choose from as well.  Just do it! 


Will you be attending BlogHer this year?





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2 thoughts on “#BlogHer14, Celebrating 10 Years, Is Going to be Epic in San Jose! (#sponsored)

  1. No, I won’t be going either, but I do hope someone hears your wish (wink, wink, nudge, nudge), and grants your wish, and sponsors you to go. So line up that babysitter we both have our fingers crossed for you! Sounds like a fantastic time. 🙂 I wish I could go to BlogHer 14′, but alas with Dave being out of work since Thanksgiving that’s not a wish that’s a dream for me! LOL See you tomorrow rockin’ the day away! hugs…

  2. Oh how I WISH I could go to BlogHer this year and hang with you, but I will be traveling to WI. I love Arianna Huffington too.