One of the things I love about our new house is the hardwood floors.  I have always loved hardwood floors – probably one of the reasons I fell in love with our house in PA because it has the original almost 200 year old wood floors throughout.  

Our new house only has hardwood floors on the first floor, the stairs and upstairs are wall-to-wall carpeting – something Princess Nagger was thrilled about, since that meant her tootsies wouldn’t get cold in her room.

When we moved from PA to WA, we either discarded or donated a lot of things that didn’t make monetary sense to move all the way across country – like our old (expensive) vacuum cleaner that the hubby kind of trashed when he decided to use it to clean out the pellet stove – while the embers were still hot.  I know, right?  

After we got out here, I’ve been shopping for a new vacuum – I wanted to make sure I could find one to transition effortlessly from floors to carpet, since we have both and plan to get a nice area rug for our living room (to combat cold tootsies, of course).

A broom and dustpan were my weapon of choice for the first floor, but I really didn’t like pretty much pushing around the dirt, because there would always be some left over.  Being back in the great Pacific Northwest, the bane of my existence is the tracked-in pine needles.  They get everywhere.  

Add to that two precocious kids, two dogs and two cats, and I was having to sweep every day.  Luckily not much was tracked upstairs, but the carpet was starting to get lint-y and hairy.  It was driving me crazy.

Ideally, I wanted to find a vacuum that would tackle hardwood floors, tile and carpets – is that too much to ask?  So many claim to, but reality presented a different story.  On top of that, I wanted to make sure I got one that was really reliable – and could tackle all the shed hair like a dream.  

Well that dream became a reality with the Dyson DC 65 Animal:

DC65 1

Doesn’t that look cool?  If you’ve ever seen the Dyson commercials, you know they historically have great vacuums.  Doing my research, I discovered that their ‘Animal’ line is much better at picking up rogue fur, so I was beyond thrilled to be chosen to receive one to put to the ultimate hairy test.

The new Dyson DC65 line has upgraded and outdone itself with 25% increased brush bar power for superior carpet cleaning; new bristle configuration for deeper carpet cleaning and increased dirt removal; newly remodeled airflows for increased dirt, dust, and allergens removal; 180AW of suction (versus 160AW in DC41); and the same features found in the DC41 (self-adjusting baseplate, long-reach telescopic wand, 2x the suction of any other vacuum, hygienic bin emptying, closer edge pick-up).

This Dyson is built to survive 10 years and comes in three colors based on variant: Platinum (MF), Purple (AN) and Fuchsia (ANC). 

DC65 3

The dogs seemed quite interested in checking it out as I was getting ready to unbox it:


With everything out of the box, it looked a little intimidating to put together:


But it was pretty straightforward and in no time I had it up and running, ready to tackle the annoying hair and endless pine needles.  It took a little to get used to how it handles, my old vacuum was clunky and bulky – this one is a dream to handle, and I love the ‘ball’ feature that lets you get around tight corners effortlessly:


It also made it fun to annoy the dogs with it one-handed:


I was amazed at how quickly it picked up everything – hair, pine needles, dust, dirt – all sucked up into the bagless canister:


Emptying the canister is easy and hygienic – no need to buy new vacuum bags or get your hands dirty.  You have the ability to release the canister with just one button, and discard the yucks into the garbage can to have room for more.  

The telescopic handle is perfect for reaching those hard-to-reach places, and to tackle the stairs without having the lug a heavy vacuum up each and every step.  The hose extends farther than any other hose I’ve used in the past, making my life a lot easier.


I am absolutely in love with my new Dyson DC65 Animal.  Whenever I see this guy in the Dyson commercials, I’m going to give him a mental high-five:


Now I don’t have to watch those commercials wistfully and wish I could get a Dyson to see if they’re all they claim to be, because I have now witnessed positive proof.  My floors are much cleaner, which give this borderline OCD girl lots of comfort.  The new Dyson DC65 definitely cleans better than any other vacuum across carpets and hard floors, and easily lives up to the old standards – and even surpasses them as well with the new and upgraded features.

There are three models to choose from including the Multi-Floor (SRP $499), the Animal (SRP $599) and the Animal Complete which comes with extra tools and Zorb (SRP $649). This is an excellent value in terms of technology and performance, especially since it is built to last at least 10 years and has a five year warranty on parts and labor.

Fun fact:  It’s even designed with the same durable materials used to make crash helmets and riot shields, which gives me peace of mind that this is one investment that will stand the test of time.

I’m looking forward to a long, happily clean relationship with my new Dyson:


Check out Best Buy online to see a demo and read about all of these features or head over to your local Best Buy store to purchase the new Dyson DC65 upright vacuum.  It’s certainly changed my perspective on easily getting my carpet and hard floors really clean!

Feel free to connect with Best Buy on Facebook and Twitter.

Do any of you have a Dyson?  If so, how much do you love it?





Note: I am being compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free, but all opinions are mine and not influenced by outside sources. See my Disclosure Policy here.


  1. Nope, I don’t have one, but I wish I did. Our black lab is the hairest creature on earth I think. I would certainly beyond a shadow of a doubt be intimidated by all those parts too! In fact, it looks a little scary! LOL I’m sure you just ABC ‘ed it together in a jiff. It sounds like a fabulous machine. I’m making a note of this one.
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  2. I do have a Dyson and love it! We have all hardwood floors and tile, so I haven’t been using it quite as much. Yours looks really nice though. It looks like it can get underneath things a little easier than mine can.

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