Hard to fathom that it’s the last day of March.  Anyone have any fun pranks they’re planning to pull tomorrow for April Fool’s Day?

In non-prank mode, this week’s theme for Monday’s Music Moves Me is a freebie – and since the American Country Music Awards happens to be next weekend, of course I’m focused on some of my favorite country artists.  Sorry to those of my readers who aren’t country fans – but I guarantee you’ll enjoy these selections.

Let’s start with a song recorded by one of my favorite groups – this particular song on their newest album represents a new musical direction for the group.  After their last album released in May 2013, the group took a short break before returning to the studio to continue working on new music, rather than immediately going on tour to promote the album.

They came across this song and felt so passionately about it that, despite not having a project to record it for and it coming from outside their Nashville comfort zone, they decided to record it.  They have been quoted as saying that it’s the song that “reinvigorated” the band creatively and inspired them to pursue new musical directions.


Give a listen to Lady Antebellum with “Compass”:

Next up is another of my favorite female artists – who is married to one of my favorite male artists and they’re competing for the title of “ACM Entertainer Of The Year”.  Luckily they’re very supportive of each other, so if one wins, they both win.  She’s nominated for seven awards – all worthy nominations.

I love this new song – it’s reminiscent of a simpler time, when modern conveniences still seemed years away.  The artist has been quoted as saying “The song brings back good memories and it reminds me to take a deep breath and to remember that getting there is half the fun.” 

Her new album will be released on June 3rd (can’t wait!) and will also include a duet with Carrie Underwood – something I’m definitely looking forward to.


Here’s the adorably gorgeous Miranda Lambert with “Automatic”:

Next up is a duo whose hit single debuted just a few months ago.  One hails from Pennsylvania, the other from Arkansas – they met in Tennessee in December 2012 and started writing music the day after they met.  The first song they ever wrote together was put on hold for Rascal Flatts, but within two months the duo had multiple publishing offers and signed with Warner/Chappell Music in Nashville.

Their first album is set to be released tomorrow, April 1st – I’m looking forward to seeing what other songs on that album will catch my ear. They made their Grand Ole Opry Debut just this past February, and have received the Academy of Country Music Awards Vocal Duo of the Year nomination.

They are opening for Hunter Hayes on his We’re Not Invisible Tour, and will be opening up for Blake Shelton on his Ten Times Crazier Tour 2014, which starts in June.


Give a listen to Dan + Shay with “19 You + Me”:

Next up is another favorite artist with a song that is a departure for this Louisiana native, who went in a much more pop direction for the tune, using different vocal effects such as Pro Tools, and a much more electronic sound than he has in any of his previously-released singles.  

The hubby was the first to notice the auto-tune mode when the song was playing on the radio – I had to tell him he was right.

While the song may be new territory for this artist, he’s not worried about how his fans will react to the single.  He states:  “When you’re young, you spend a lot of time just wanting to succeed.  But I think now, I still want to lead the race,” he says. ” I still want to be the guy.  I want all those things, but I’ve always been a music guy, so I want to make what I do lasting.  I’ve always wanted my music to matter.”

His take is that with every album, his approach is to push a few of his own boundaries and try things he’s never done before.  He had a hard time deciding which song to release as a single first, since there were six or seven good options – but he kept coming back to this one because even though it’s a little different for him sonically, he couldn’t get it out of his head.  He kicks off his Sundown Heaven Town Tour on May 9th in California.


Here’s the handsome and oh-so-chiseled Tim McGraw with “Lookin’ For That Girl”:

Last, but most definitley not least, is one of my all-time favorite artists. He once again proves that the number of ways to say “you’re beautiful” are infinite.  Le Sigh.  With this particular song, he shows that his songwriting skills are only bested by his guitar playing.

Figured out who I’m talking about, yet?

While the concept may be a little too high-brow for some – can you think of another country song that name checks Da Vinci?  Wine sippin’ and French museums aren’t normally part of the country experience, but this artist has been slowly stretching his arms around worldly ideas.

Country Thunder - Twin Lakes, Wisconsin - Day 3

With the lyrics  “It never fails, we walk in a room / Nobody sees me, they’re all looking at you / I disappear, but that’s fine with me / I feel the same way, you’re all I can see”

and especially the chorus: “Cause I feel, like the frame / That gets to hold the Mona Lisa / And I don’t care / If that’s all I’ll ever be” 

Kimberly Williams-Paisley is a lucky lucky girl.  But I love her just as much as I love Brad, so we’re all good.

Without further ado, here’s Brad Paisley with “The Mona Lisa”:

That’s a wrap for this week – have a great Monday!


Now on to the particulars of Monday’s Music Move’s Me:


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  1. Happy Monday! I can see who’s the Country Music Fan on this blog hop, hahaha. Loved them all. Up beat with a story to tell. Thanks for exposing me to music I normally wouldn’t listen too – which is why I love this blog hop. Have a fantastic week and thanks again!
    Haupi Justice would like you to read ..Monday’s Music Move Me (Emotionally)My Profile

    1. LOL! Yep HJ, country music fan I am! It wasn’t always so, though – my BFF converted me. 😉 Always happy to introduce others to great music! Have a fantastic week yourself! 🙂

  2. Naturally, I knew I would find some excellent country-rock tunes here worthy of cranking my speakers up to this morning. Lady Antebellum is one of the first country-rock groups that perked my ears up to taking a closer look at the new sounds coming out of Nashville. Tim McGraw’s Lookin For That Girl is groovy, and I like the sound of Dan & Shay. I’m going to check out more of their tunes. Although, my old blog is set to redirect, you may want to change my URL on your site. Great sharing the dance floor with you, Stacy!
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    1. Nice, as always, to dance along with you, Cathy! Thanks for the heads up on your link and redirect… now I can correct my Blonde Moment! 😉

  3. I never even remember April Fool’s day until someone else does 🙂 Therefore I usually don’t do anything.

    It’s fun as kids, as an adult I don’t even remember it.

    I hope I get to see some of this music awards.I keep missing them until I hear about it next day on facebook!

    Thanks for sharing all these hits Stacy!

    Have a fun week!
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    1. Princess Nagger successfully pulled one prank on the hubby – by turning the tabs of his sodas in the fridge backwards. 😉 I hope you get a chance to see some of the awards, too – we don’t have cable, so I myself will have to catch the highlights online instead! Have a great week, Callie! 🙂

  4. You go girl! So what’s this I hear Miranda Lambert & Carrie underwood has had some cat fights? So uncool because I like them both, but I see here Carrie is on Miranda’s new CD! Weird. Dam smut papers. LOL Brad Paisley has become a favorite of mine too. Lovin’ your choices here girlfriend! YOU SO ROCK!
    XmasDolly would like you to read ..Monday’s Music Moves Me!My Profile

    1. I hadn’t heard of the Miranda/Carrie cat fights…I’m betting the stories aren’t true. 🙂 I’ll be heading your way shortly – I’ve got some catching up to do! 😀

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