Over the weekend we were feeling a bit stir-crazy having spent the last almost three months stuck in the basement while our house waits to sell in PA. (Dammit Jim, we need more power!)  At any rate, we decided we needed to go somehwere – anywhere – to reset the static buzz infiltrating our brains.

You know, because when the zombies attack, they’ll be attracted to the static buzz.

We set out with the idea that if something looked interesting, we’d stop to check it out.  A cool old fort from back in the 1800’s certainly fit the bill.  It was a gray, not-quite-drizzling day, so there were hardly any people there roaming about, giving us free reign, which suited us just fine.  Little did we know while roaming the grounds and learning the history of this:


That good old St. Nick would make an unexpected appearance.  Little Dude was scared of him at first, hiding behind me and trying to hide under my long coat.  Princess Nagger, on the other hand, kept calling St. Nick ‘Dude’ and agreed for an impromptu photo Op with Little Dude hovering without getting too close:


When Princess Nagger got down to business and started telling St. Nick what she wanted for Christmas:


And St. Nick was paying attention and rattling off PN’s list, that’s when Little Dude decided he wasn’t so scared after all and ran up to St. Nick so he could give his list, too:


And despite Princess Nagger being miffed at Little Dude butting in and rattling off his wish list, I was able to get a decent picture of the both of them with St. Nick:


All in all it was a nice respite and the static is gone for now – we’re still holding out hope that our house will sell by Christmas – which is my  Christmas Wish.

Do you have a Christmas Wish?



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  1. I do have a Christmas wish, but I can’t talk about it. Unfortunately.

    LOVE St. Nick – I’m far fonder of Father Christmas than I am of the American Santa Claus (although I love him a whole heck of a lot). That last photo is just priceless.
    Jan’s Sushi Bar would like you to read ..Roasted Sprouts and SpudsMy Profile

    1. Okay, everyone else said it, but it really has to be repeated again. That St. Nick is AWESOME!!! So much better than the red suit/white trim version.

      How did he respond to being called “dude?”
      Sheryl would like you to read ..Weary TravelerMy Profile

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