Partyin’ With Santa 2013

Over the weekend we were honored to be invited to my brother’s extended in-law family’s annual Santa .  There was a plethora of there that both and Little Dude had tons of fun interacting with, and the hubby and I enjoyed mingling with the adult populous (as well as hanging out with the kids from time to time as well).

When it was time for Santa to arrive, the kids waited in anticipation – and were not disappointed.  He was an awesome Santa, definitely keeping the magic alive for the younger kids, including the youngest of the group:


Little Dude couldn’t keep his eyes off the gift that Santa handed him – he was so distracted at the prospect of a present that he almost forgot to tell Santa what he’d like for Christmas:


Princess Nagger was a good sport even though she’s pretty certain she knows who Santa is, but still embraced the magic of it all:


Even my sister-in-law’s brother got in on the fun:


As did her fun-loving mom:


With a gaggle of kids and adults alike, fun was had by all:


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it sure is great to be back home amongst my family and friends of old.  This will be a very special Christmas indeed.

Is there an increased party mode with friends and family during the holiday season?



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After 20+ years in the Corporate World and years of infertility, Stacy was surprised when Princess Nagger made her miraculous appearance - deciding to forgo the career and stay home was a no-brainer. As if her hands weren't full enough, 8 years later she and her husband added Little Dude through adoption, adding a whole new dimension (of crazy) to their family and even more sleepless nights. When she’s not refereeing kids, dogs and cats, she loves to write, hence the reason she decided to start her little blog, and because she never got a baby book to mark milestones, this was the next best thing. She also enjoys doing reviews and giveaways for products she or her family would willingly use and can stand behind. She loves to cook and try new techniques to turn ordinary into extraordinary. Crafty by nature, she takes on a lot of unique projects and enjoy seeing the end result. Her favorite, of course, is making her award winning wine out of fruits and grapes. Experiments with water currently underway.
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13 thoughts on “Partyin’ With Santa 2013

  1. Merry Christmas to you Stacy and to your family!
    I have a video on today’s Wordless Wednesday post that you and Princess Nagger will LOVE! 🙂
    Hope you have a chance to stop by!

  2. Wow! What a great family party.
    It’s a blessing to have that.

    I hate being alone here.

    No more parties than usual. Mostly church stuff.

    Enjoy this very special time with your family.