If you’ve been reading me for a while (or at least since August), you know that we are currently basement dwellers as we wait impatiently for our house to sell in Pennsylvania, and purchase one out here.  My parents have been gracious enough to let us occupy their basement, and even made sure the satellite is hooked up to the TV downstairs.

Except that it’s controlled by the TV and controller in their bedroom upstairs.  And since my dad is retired and likes to watch COPS and various surgery and autopsy shows, we haven’t yet utilized the TV downstairs for the kids’ entertainment.

Aside from the vintage VCR and vintage VHS tapes of kids movies, that is.  And by ‘vintage’ I mean old, antique, archaic.  But it’s something,  right?

I’m thinking watching autopsies would probably warrant nightmares in corruptible young minds.   Of course I could be wrong – the polar opposite effect could happen, and Little Dude or Princess Nagger could grow up to be criminologists and catch bad guys – or dissect them, whichever the case may be.

I think I like the idea of Princess Nagger being a paleontologist or superstar singer and Little Dude being a firefighter a whole lot better.  But I digress.

Until we are once again ‘in control’ of the remote and shows appropriate for spongy young minds, I am forever grateful for products that let them watch their favorite (and more innocent) shows on demand and  let me control time along with ratings.

Kidoodle.TV is a new way for your kids to watch TV on the go and on their computers, while still allowing you to control ratings, choose which shows they can (or can’t) select, and how long they can watch.

It’s really easy to set up, simply follow the prompts.  You can take advantage of the free trial to take it for a test run (and for the remainder of December, it’s all free):


I easily set up individual profiles for both Princess Nagger and Little Dude, selecting their background color (with their input) and their Avatars (also with their input):


You can access it on a computer, laptop, phone, or tablet, which makes entertainment on the go that much easier:


And yes, they’ll be expanding to be playable through gaming consoles and Smart TV’s and more in the future as well.

The “Parents Room” is great, it’s password protected and I’m able to monitor their activity or change their profile settings if needed.  I can also set time limits so they’re not glued to a screen indefinitely.

While it may seem like just any other streaming TV service, it’s specifically for kids, which makes it easy for them to use.  

Little Dude had no trouble whatsoever navigating his profile and finding the shows he wanted to watch, which makes him feel like a big boy, since his sister is advanced beyond her eleven years in technology.

Princess Nagger maneuvered everywhere with ease, as expected – though she did have a gripe about what she considered ‘false advertising’:


She was sorely disappointed that even though it showed My Little Pony, and she was able to choose a My Little Pony character as her avatar, there is no My Little Pony episodes of any kind to view.

I explained to her that more will be coming, but got the customary eye-roll in response.  She was also bummed that another of her favorites, Johnny Test, was represented in the advertising, but not available, either:


Little Dude was distraught when he looked all over to find his buddies Caillou and Super Why to no avail:


They have both asked me to pass on a request to our friends at Kidoodle.TV to please make those four a top priority as the expansion of available shows expands. 

What, exactly, is Kidoodle.TV?

Built for kids, not just aimed at them, Kidoodle.TV is designed specifically for the use and navigation by kids (ages 12 and under), ensuring an age-appropriate viewing experience.

Featuring a brightly colored, easy-to-use user interface, customizable Kid Profiles for up to 5 kids, and great entertainment and educational content from a variety of sources, Kidoodle.TV is child oriented and convenient, with no adult content and with robust controls for parents.

Kidoodle.TV is free through the month of December.

Using Kidoodle.TV is EASY!

  • Parental controls include age category filtering and title selection and de-selection, which allows parents to tailor available content to each child’s needs.
  • Once logged into Kidoodle.TV, parents simply select a Kid Profile and hand off the navigation to the child.


  • Content appropriate for its audience
  • Free of advertising within the service
  • Kidoodle.TV offers the freedom and diversity of Internet access but with parameters built in to assist with child safety.

Try Kidoodle.TV for FREE and enter by December 31, 2013 to win 1 of 10 tablets or 1 of 10 Kidoodle.TV year-long subscriptions!

You read that right – Kidoodle.TV is having a giveaway – from now until the end of December you can create a free account with free access. Just by doing that, you are entered to win 1 of 10 tablets or 1 of 10 Kidoodle.TV year-long subscriptions.  Easy peasy!

So not only do you have the option of saving your sanity during the Winter Break, but you have a chance to win something with no effort, too!

To enter the giveaway:

  • go to Kidoodle.TV to sign up for a free trial.
  • Follow the on-screen directions and submit.

To learn more about Kidoodle.TV, visit them on their website, check them out on Twitter, and follow them on Facebook.





Note: I participated in a Blogger Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Kidoodle.TV.  I received a promotional item and a free trial as a thank you for participating.  As usual, all opinions are my own and not influenced by outside sources.  See my disclosure policy here.



  1. You are still in my prayers for your home to be sold as quickly as possible. I told you to bury that statue in your front yard of your old home of St. Joseph right. Your home would be sold right-away. Sure it’s an old wives tale, but it worked for me. My cousin told me about it & I knew, but had forgotten. I put my house on the market in April I believe it was, and we had two nibbles two months later, and we took one and signed the papers in December. How cool is that? I know you’re far away, but maybe you have a friend over there still that would do it for you? It’s just a thought… but this TV wow the kids would go crazy for something like that. I need to check it out… Thanks for sharing wonderful detailed advertising here I’d say! Great job… even someone like me now wants to check it out… well maybe having 9 grandkids has a little to do with it… LOL Have a great day and Merry Christmas to you & yours. I almost sent you a card until I remembered you moved 🙁 oh well Here’s praying you have a new residence soon to start out the new year right~! woo hoo Hope hubby is loving his new job too!
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    1. That good news:

      It is probable that I investigate a little more on Kidoodle, since it is interesting to me to offer to him more of entertainment to all my children.

      A lot of Greetings…

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