OK, people!  Do you know we’re only a week away from Christmas?  Of course you do!  And I’m betting I’m not the only one in panic mode this week.  Please tell me I’m not alone here!

Since we’re all in panic mode (see what I did there? I put you in panic mode with me so I won’t be all alone), I’m keeping this week’s randomness completely minimalistic with just one heartwarming video:

Westjest (I’m assuming they operate out of Canada?  Help me out here, my Canadian friends!) set all that up – bet you had goosebumps and maybe even some misty-eyes like I did.

That’s a wrap for this week – go!  Get your stuff done so you can get out of panic mode!  I’ll be back next week to bring you good tidings of great joy.

You know the drill, link up and join in the fun, everyone is welcome – random or not. Be sure to visit your fellow randomizers so they don’t feel so lonely.


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  1. I have already started to panic. Haven’t even started wrapping presents yet, behind on my reviews and give-aways and still haven’t figured out the doctor bills. Somebody 2 aspirins and call me in the morning. My bill is in the mail! When did Christmas creep up on me and then somebody just said it’s only 8 days away IS THAT TRUE???? That’s it I’m running away from home!
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  2. Yes! it is a Canadian airline. It’s the “other” big airline up here. Air Canada is the other and in Canada it’s known for overpriced and overselling their seats. In the last year they have been forced by the government to pay out more for those that are left stranded.
    WestJet is working on it’s image of customer based services. I don’t know if this will result in seat sales for them as they do not service everywhere. There are people that will drive 5hours to Halifax from CB to save 600.00 on their tickets. This is crazy when you see flights in the USA advertised for say Manchester NH to Florida? for 79.00?
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  3. I am happy to report that I am not in panic mode. I know, you just hate me about now, right? lol Trust me when I say, it wasn’t always like this. It took me YEARS to get a grip on just how to do the whole Christmas affair while keeping my sanity intact. Best of luck to you, as the countdown has begun! I won’t be in Blogosphere after this Wednesday, even though I will have posts scheduled, but I’ll visit ASAP after my little Christmas hiatus. Have a very Merry Christmas and happy, healthy, & prosperous New Year, my friend!
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  4. Yep – that’s a Canadian airline 🙂 Isn’t it awesome? Warmed my heart so much when I saw it last week!!!

    OK – I’m not really in panic mode, but I’m in SUPER EXCITED mode… I just love Christmas so much, and I’m SO wound up today!! ONE WEEK!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

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